Help on individual entries in the publication form


Created at the BTU? (mandatory field)
Please select whether BTU members were involved in the creation of the document (during the creation period).

Contact details of the creator (mandatory field)

Please enter your contact details here for further questions from the library. These data are only stored internally and are not displayed.

Title (mandatory field)

Please enter the title of your document here.
If you would like to add a title to your document, please do so in the format "Title : Add to title". .

Example: Information Infrastructures in Transition : Information Management at German Universities


Please enter a short description of your document here. You also have the possibility to enter an introduction, summary etc..


Please enter the authors of the document here. Authors are the person(s) responsible for the intellectual content, e.g. authors of text documents, artists, photographers or illustrators of graphic documents, etc.


Please enter the publisher of the document here.

Persons involved

Please enter here the name of the person(s) who made a significant intellectual contribution to the document. This could be staff, editors, translators, illustrators, etc. A function designation is not required.

Contributing corporation

Please enter here the name of the institution or organisation that has made a significant intellectual contribution to the document.

Example: Greifswald Landscape Economics Working Group

Publication date

This is a default date in every document category. It is automatically filled with the current date when you enter the document in the format DD.MM.YYYY.

Publication year (mandatory field)

Please indicate the year in which the document was published. This information is in YYYY format.

Example: 2011


Please indicate the edition, if available.

Example: "2nd edition" or "3rd, completely revised edition".

Publishing place

Please enter the name of the publishing location. If there are multiple locations, use location 1 [and others].

Example: Berlin [u.a.]

Publisher (Verlag)

Please enter the name of the publisher. If there are several publishers, use
Publisher 1 [a.o.].

Example: Springer [a.o.]

Page number

Please indicate the number of pages of the document.
In some forms (e.g. part of a book (chapter) the first page and the last page are requested.

Page number 230
First page 40
Last page 44


Please enter an existing ISBN.

Example: 978-3-8396-0274-4


Please enter an existing URL.
It is irrelevant whether the URL refers to a full text, an abstract or other information about the document.


Please enter an existing URN. If you have published your document electronically on the OPUS server of the BTU, please enter the URN of the OPUS server.


Please indicate an existing DOI.

Example: ...

Free keywords

Please enter freely selectable keywords.

Example: Metallic material

Faculty/Subject (mandatory field)

Please select the department to which the author(s) belong. By clicking on the "Down" button, you can access the subject selection within a faculty. You can add (or delete) further institutions by clicking on the button.

Language of publication (mandatory field)

Please enter the language of publication here. For multilingual texts, please choose "Multilingual".


Please enter a publication series and the corresponding volume number here.

Example: Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften ; 43

The following information is only used for research data.

Access to research data

Please indicate how the access to the research data is regulated.
The following possibilities exist:
  • Open: freely accessible

  • Restricted: Access restricted

  • Embargo: Access will be released at a later date

  • Closed: Not accessible

If you have selected the "Open" option, please also enter the link to the DataDownload below. If an embargo exists, please enter the expiry date of the embargo period.

Embargo Date

Please enter the expiry date of the embargo period in the format DD.MM.YYYY (if available).


Period of data collection

Please enter here the period during which the research data was collected (time during which the data collection was carried out).


Download link of the research data

Please enter the download link (if available).

Example: ...


Please enter the repository in which the research data was published.


Related Publication

Use this field if the research data is part of a publication (e.g. journal article). Enter the identifier of the corresponding publication (URL/DOI) here.

Comments on the research data

Please enter comments on the research data here.

Data access is on request of the author.