Document registration

Starting at the home page click ‘Add publications’.
First you will be asked to select a document type.
Then click on ‘Submit‘.
The actual form follows. Here you will be asked for various data on your publication, which serve to describe it in catalogues and other bibliographic directories. In order to avoid multiple reports, please check whether the title already exists in the university bibliography.
Depending on the type of document, some of the fields are mandatory and must be filled in.

An example which fields can be filled:
  • Document type (to be selected from a list)
  • The title of your publication and the language of the title
  • Brief description of the content of your document
  • The language of the document (to be selected from a list)
  • The faculty and the chair to which the author(s) belong must be chosen by you. By clicking on the button "Down" you will get to the chair selection within a faculty. You can add (or delete) further institutions by clicking on the button.

At the end of the data entry process, your entries will be displayed again and you have the following two options. If necessary, you can correct the entries for your document or save them directly. Your data will then be loaded into a non-public temporary storage. The data will be checked by the library and supplemented if necessary. If we still need information or have any queries, we will get in touch with you. The final activation of the document will be done by the library.