Document types

  • Book
  • Book (Publisher)
  • Dissertation
  • Conference publication not peer-reviewed
  • Conference publication peer-reviewed
  • Habilitation
  • Lecture
  • Moving Pictures (Video)
  • Part of a book - chapter of a book
  • Patent
  • Periodical - journal or series of publications (co-)published by members of the BTU
  • Picture (Poster)
  • Report - research report, internal reports, project completion reports
  • Research data - research data are data that are generated in the course of a scientific project, e.g. through source research, experiments, measurements, surveys or interviews, and that form the basis of a publication.
  • Review - review of books or articles, or a summary of the work, that is not by the author himself
  • Scientific journal article not peer-reviewed
  • Scientific journal article peer-reviewd - publication in a peer-reviewed journal (acceptance of articles only based on peer reviews)