Fromm's Theory of Consumer Alienation and Its Contemporary Significance [弗洛姆消费异化理论及其当代意义研究], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China 2020.

  • 埃里希·弗洛姆立足于人本主义立场,融合马克思异化说及弗洛伊德精神分析学说等相关理论观点,揭示资本主义社会表面经济繁荣、物质丰裕,实则出现了消费异化现象,并对如何摆脱异化进行积极探索,做出了重大贡献。本文论述了弗洛姆消费异化建构消费异化理论的理论渊源、基本内容及其扬弃路径,在此基础上立足于我国具体现实情景,探讨其思想的当代意义与现实价值。第一,梳理并论述弗洛姆建构消费异化理论的理论渊源。弗洛姆融合马克思异化说及卢卡奇物化理论等相关观点,同时还学习借鉴弗洛伊德相关理论,在分析人的心理时引入异化观思想,在这基础上提出其著名的消费异化理论。第二,分析并论述消费异化理论基本内容。具体包括产生消费异化理论的前提、产生根源、异化核心等,分别从社会与个体两个层面分析异化表现形式以及产生异化的后果,为扬弃消费异化提供理论上的依据支持。第三,论述弗洛姆扬弃消费异化所进行的路径探索。对此,弗洛姆主张应从心理变革与社会整体变革来实现。首先在社会变革方面,弗洛姆认为,整个社会各个方面协同变革才能取得良好效果。其次在心理变革方面,强调应消除异化对人心理层面上造成的侵蚀,促使人最终不受物的控制或统治,最终走出生存困境。弗洛姆主张重生存人道消费观,同时还注重建立生产性人格。第四,结合弗洛姆消费异化理论评析并立足于我国具体现实情境,归结出当代中国消费领域所存在的问题,对这些问题进行深入分析及提出思考。随着弗洛姆消费异化理论的提出及获得逐渐完善,极大丰富马克思的异化理论,关照现实生存的困境问题,彰显人文主义关怀,具有其一定的合理性。结合我国现阶段现实情境,新时代中国特色社会主义制度建设生态文明,构建绿色生活方式和绿色消费观等,从多个层面等进行共同努力,以期能共同营造良好的消费氛围,进而促使我国消费领域实现健康及和谐发展。
  • Based on the humanistic standpoint, Erich Fromm integrated Marx's theory of alienation and Freud's psychoanalysis to reveal the phenomenon of consumer alienation in capitalist society despite its apparent economic prosperity and material abundance, and made a significant contribution to the exploration of how to get rid of alienation. This paper discusses the theoretical origin of Fromm's theory of consumer alienation, its basic content and its abandonment path, and then discusses the contemporary significance and practical value of his ideas based on the specific reality of China. First, the theoretical origins of Fromm's theory of consumer alienation will be discussed. Fromm's famous theory of consumer alienation is based on the integration of Marx's theory of alienation and Lukács' theory of reification, as well as on Freud's theory of alienation, which he introduced in his analysis of human psychology.– Secondly, the basic contents of the theory of consumer alienation are analyzed and discussed. Specifically, the premise, root cause and core of alienation of consumer alienation theory are analyzed, and the manifestations of alienation and the consequences of alienation are analyzed from the social and individual levels respectively to provide theoretical support for abandoning consumer alienation.– Thirdly, it discusses Fromm's exploration of the path to abandon consumer alienation. In this regard, Fromm advocates psychological change and social change as a whole to achieve this. First, in terms of social change, Fromm argues that all aspects of society as a whole must change in concert in order to achieve good results. Secondly, in terms of psychological change, Fromm emphasizes that the erosion of alienation on the psychological level of human beings should be eliminated, so that human beings can finally be free from the control or domination of things and finally get out of the dilemma of existence. Fromm advocates the concept of survival-oriented humane consumption, but also focuses on the establishment of a productive personality.– Fourth, based on Fromm's theory of consumer alienation and the specific reality of China, we summarize the problems in the field of contemporary Chinese consumption, and analyze and reflect on these problems in depth. With the introduction and gradual improvement of Fromm's theory of consumer alienation, it greatly enriches Marx's theory of alienation, takes care of the dilemma of real life, and shows humanistic concern, which has its certain rationality. In the light of the current situation in China, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the construction of ecological civilization, the construction of a green way of life and a green concept of consumption, from a number of levels and other joint efforts, in order to jointly create a good atmosphere for consumption, and then promote the healthy and harmonious development of China's consumer field. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 6/2021]

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Author:Litong Zhou
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