An Inquiry into Fromm’s Humanistic Ethics: Human Nature, Norms and Socialism [弗洛姆人道主义伦理学探究:人性、规范与社会主义]

  • 弗洛姆的人道主义伦理学是以人性为规范的道德理论。在弗洛伊德的精神分析学说和马克思社会批判理论的双重奠基之上,弗洛姆揭示了>社会内在伦理学<与>普遍的伦理学<之间的巨大差异,批判资本主义社会的异化现实,从而对人性的道德以及现实中人的自由境况做出了伦理剖析。一方面,弗洛姆把人性的道德寄托于精神健康的个人与健全的社会之间辩证的实践关系之中,认为人的性格与社会性格之间存在固有关联;另一方面,弗洛姆将爱的实践视为现实的道德实践,将人性的道德寄托于爱的艺术,从而以爱为出发点来辩证地探寻人道主义社会的可能性。弗洛姆最终将实现普遍的伦理学的希望寄托于社会主义,但是由于其道德理论在本质上坚持了一种抽象的人性论,因而难免蒙上一种形而上学的乌托邦色彩。
  • Fromm's humanist ethics is a moral theory that takes human nature as the norm. On the basis of Freud's psychoanalysis and Marx's social criticism theory, Fromm reveals the great difference between >social inner ethics< and >universal ethics<, criticizes the alienated reality of capitalist society, and thus makes an ethical analysis of the morality of human nature and the real situation of human freedom. On the one hand, Fromm places the morality of human nature in the dialectical practical relationship between the spiritually healthy individual and the healthy society, and believes that there is an inherent connection between human character and social character; on the other hand, Fromm regards the practice of love as a realistic moral practice, and places the morality of human nature in the art of love, thus taking love as the starting point to dialectically explore the possibility of a humanitarian society. Fromm ultimately places his hope for a universal ethics in socialism, but because his moral theory adheres to an abstract theory of human nature, it is inevitably tainted with a metaphysical utopia. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 5/2021]

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Author:Kuoming Yan
Parent Title (Chinese):Qilu Journal [齐鲁学刊], No. 2 (2021), pp. 73-81.
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Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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