Reflections on the Motives and Foundations of Love——Based on the Theory of Fromm’s >The Art of Loving< [爱的动机与爱的基础之反思——基于弗洛姆《爱的艺术》的理论]

  • 基于弗洛姆《爱的艺术》的理论,对弗洛姆的两个观点提出不同看法:一是针对>爱主要是给予不在得取<(Love is primarily giving, not receiving.)的观点反思爱的动机。爱的普遍动机在于得取被爱,这是由人的生存需求和社会本质决定的。被爱是去爱的根本动力,这才有助于人们在爱上积极主动给予。二是针对>博爱是一切爱的基础<(The most fundamental kind of love, which underlies all type of love, is brotherly love.)的观点反思爱的基础。博爱作为所有爱的基础,其非排他性与性爱的排他性存在矛盾。爱的基础不是博爱,而是自爱。一个人必须首先学会自爱,才有能力实现其他形式的爱。以自爱作为爱的起点,不仅有利于培养爱的能力,而且有助于使人走向成熟成就爱,使爱作为人类生存问题的解答具有人道主义和现实实践的双重意义。
  • Based on the theory of Fromm’s The Art of Loving, this article puts forward different views on Fromm’s two viewpoints. One is to reflect on the motive of love from the point of view that >love is primarily giving, not receiving<. The universal motive of love is to be loved, which is determined by survival needs and the social nature of human beings. Therefore, receiving is the fundamental motive of giving when it comes to love. The second is to reflect on the view that >the most fundamental kind of love, which under lies all type of love, is brotherly love<. First, there is a contradiction between the non exclusiveness of brotherly love and the exclusiveness of erotic love. Second, points out that the foundation of love is not brotherly love, but self love. One must first learn to love self so that will be capable of achieving other forms of love. [Author's translation]

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Author:Bijian Wu
Parent Title (Chinese):Theory Horizon [理论界], No. 5 (2020) 38-44.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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