An Analysis of Alienation in >The Gravedigger's Daughter< from Fromm's Humanism [从弗洛姆人本主义解读《掘墓人的女儿》中的异化现象], Master thesis, World Literature, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China 2021 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • [No Chinese abstract available.] Joyce Carol Oates is a famous contemporary American writer who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature for many times. She pays attention to the living state and spiritual world of American people and her works are famous for exposing the violent acts and evil phenomena in American society. >The Gravedigger’s Daughter< is a masterpiece which shows the turning of her creative direction to the Jewish theme. It tells the story of Jewish descendants who flee to the United States to avoid the Holocaust. As a representative of Frankfurt School, Fromm puts forward humanism on the basis of criticizing and inheriting Marxism and Freud’s theory, reveals and analyzes the common alienation in the capitalist society, proposing the way to build the sane personality and society, which expresses his concern and thinking about the plight of human. Based on Fromm’s humanism, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of the alienated phenomena, causes and solutions in >The Gravedigger’s Daughter<. It points out that the sound development of human beings in the capitalist society is facing great pressure and challenges and hopes to arouse people’s attention to the survival of modern people. This thesis consists of five chapters. The first chapter is the introduction. Firstly, it mainly introduces Joyce Carol Oates and >The Gravedigger’s Daughter<. Secondly, it makes a literature review of the relevant researches at home and abroad. Finally, it briefly introduces the main core concepts of Fromm’s humanism. The second to the fourth chapters are the main body of the thesis, which respectively interpret the work from three aspects: phenomena, reasons and solutions of alienation.– The second chapter reveals the alienated phenomena in the works from the alienated characters of the main characters and the alienated living styles of the Schwarts.– The third chapter discusses the personal and social reasons of alienation. It expounds that the Schwarts finally break down because they can not meet the special needs rooted in human existence and bear the oppression of racial discrimination and morbid civilization.– Based on Fromm’s theory of >love< and >being<, the fourth chapter expounds that the protagonist achieves self-value due to self-love and maternal love, and realizes self-redemption by active living, so as to explore the methods of resisting alienation.– The fifth chapter is the conclusion, pointing out that modern westerners and society generally face the problem of alienation, and Fromm’s relevant theory provides a good idea to solve this problem. Only meeting the special needs rooted in human existence and cultivating a loving, proactive and creative way of life can save the spiritual crisis of modern man. [Translation: www.cnki. net, 9/2021]

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Author:Ning Wei
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Release Date:2022/05/04
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