On the Humanistic Interpretation of Feuerbach's Conception of Religion by means of Fromm's Psychoanalysis [论弗洛姆的精神分析对费尔巴哈宗教人本学的阐释]

  • 在《基督教的本质》一书中,费尔巴哈对基督教展开了深刻批判。将基督教中神秘的上帝复归于人,把上帝的本质回溯至人的自身的本质。在此之后,费尔巴哈将人的本质定义为>心<或>爱<,使得他把上帝的存在问题仅仅解释成是源于>心<的需求。同时,在上帝与人的关系方面,费尔巴哈也只是将基督教宣扬的人对上帝所具有的依附关系颠倒为上帝对人的依赖关系。在这两个方面,费尔巴哈都没有进行更为深入的探讨,而对这两个问题的进一步阐释可以从以下两个方面进行考察:一方面从青年黑格尔派进行的宗教批判运动出发,就费尔巴哈对基督教的批判进行回溯,简要地勾勒出这一图景。另一方面,借助弗洛姆所发展的精神分析,将费尔巴哈在《基督教的本质》一书中对基督教进行批判时所涉及的上帝的存在及上帝与人的关系的人本学实质问题,置于心理学视域下进行另一维度的阐释,使其实质得以更加明晰的显现。
  • In his book >The Essence of Christianity<, Feuerbach launched a profound critique of Christianity, which restored the mysterious God of Christianity to man, tracing the essence of God back to the essence of man himself. After this, Feuerbach defines the essence of man as >heart< or >love<, which allows him to explain the question of God's existence as arising only from the needs of the >heart<. At the same time, in terms of the relationship between God and man, Feuerbach simply reverses the dependence of man on God, as proclaimed by Christianity, to the dependence of God on man. In both cases, Feuerbach does not go deeper, and further elaboration of these two issues can be examined in two ways: on the one hand, by looking back at Feuerbach's critique of Christianity in the light of the religious-critical movement carried out by the Young Hegelians, and briefly sketching this picture. On the other hand, by means of the psychoanalysis developed by Fromm, the humanistic essence of the existence of God and the relationship between God and man, which Feuerbach dealt with in his critique of Christianity in >The Nature of Christianity<, can be interpreted in another dimension in the context of psychology, so that its substance can be more clearly revealed. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Shufan Wang
Parent Title (Chinese):Cognition and Practice [知与行], No. 4 (2020), pp. 140-146.
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Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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