>Productive Love< under Aberration: An Interpretation of Three Novels of Jeanette Winterson according to Fromm [畸变下的>创发性之爱<:对珍妮特·温特森三部小说的弗洛姆式解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Soochow University, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 珍妮特·温特森(1959-)是当代英国著名作家,她的作品主题多样,既反应社会现实,又体现其理想追求。>爱<是温特森热衷于在作品中展现的主题,在《橘子不是唯一的水果》(1985),《写在身体上》(1992),以及《守望灯塔》(2004)这三部代表作品中,温特森用其细腻的笔触,哲学性的语言描绘了主人公之间的爱与关怀。但在>爱<的核心叙写之外,温特森也刻画了冷漠,疏离,虚伪的人物个性,同时展现了现代社会发展中的弊病。因此,本文旨在剖析上述三部作品对扭曲的人物,病态的社会的揭露,以及>爱<的艺术呈现,并探求温特森对现代社会中个体精神与生存畸变的洞悉,以及她通过>爱<这一永恒主题对走向救赎的人文主义思考.本论文以上述三部小说为研究对象,以埃里希·弗洛姆的人学思想为理论框架分为五章展开论述。第一章简要介绍温特森其人其文,在梳理文献的基础上提出本文的研究方向并阐释本文的理论框架。第二章重点剖析三部小说中人物的性格特征,指出其>非创发性<定向及其成因,进而揭示出社会中个体的精神畸变。第三章,论述现代社会的弊病使小说人物陷入生存的畸变,并分析其对同时代社会现实的影射意义,进而挖掘温特森对个体生存境况的质问与思考。第四章从>爱<的形式,表现及意义对三部作品中爱的>创发性<特征进行阐释,并探求此种>创发性<的爱与关怀如何能够在困境中走向救赎的彼岸。最后一章对该论文进行简要总结,指出温特以内在精神及外在生存为视角审视了个体在现代社会中的畸变与困境,并从>爱<的角度,以>创发性<的爱为解决之道,给出了自己的哲学思考,进而展现了温特森对生活在现代社会的个体的人文关怀。
  • Janet Winterson (born in 1959) is a famous contemporary British writer whose works are thematically diverse, responding to social reality and embodying her idealistic pursuits. >Love< is a theme that Winterson is keen to present in her works. In her three representative works, >Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit< (1985), >Written on the Body< (1992), and >Watching the Lighthouse< (2004), Winterson depicts the love and care between the main characters with her delicate brushstrokes and philosophical language. In these three representative works, Winterson depicts the love and care between the main characters with his delicate and philosophical language. However, in addition to the core narrative of love, Winterson also portrays indifference, detachment, and hypocrisy of the characters' personalities, as well as the ills of modern social development. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the above three works to expose the distorted characters, the sick society, and the artistic presentation of >love<, and to explore Winterson's insight into the spiritual and existential aberrations of individuals in modern society, as well as her humanistic thinking on the eternal theme of >love<. The thesis is divided into five chapters based on the theoretical framework of Erich Fromm's anthropological thought, with the three novels mentioned above as the object of study. The first chapter briefly introduces Winterson's person and writings, and proposes the research direction and the theoretical framework of this thesis on the basis of the literature.– Chapter 2 focuses on the character traits of the characters in the three novels, pointing out their >non-invasive< orientation and their causes, and thus revealing the mental aberrations of individuals in society.– In the third chapter, we discuss the deficiencies of modern society that plunge the characters into existential aberrations, and analyze their implications for the contemporary social reality, and then explore Winterson's questioning and reflection on the individual's living conditions.– Chapter 4 explains the >creative< characteristics of love in the three works in terms of its form, expression and meaning, and explores how such >creative< love and care can lead to redemption in difficult situations.– The final chapter provides a brief overview of the thesis. The last chapter concludes the thesis by pointing out that Winterson examines the deformation and predicament of individuals in modern society from the perspective of inner spirituality and outer existence, and gives his philosophical reflections from the perspective of >love< and >creative< love as the solution. This shows the humanistic concern of Winterson for individuals living in modern society. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 6/2021]

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