Exploring the Consumption Problem of College Students in the Perspective of Western Marxist Consumption Alienation [西方马克思主义消费异化视域下的大学生消费问题探究]

  • 消费异化理论是西方马克思主义学者结合当时社会现状,对消费异化现象做出深刻剖析的系统性理论,其来源于马克思的异化和商品拜物教理论。这些消费异化理论包括卢卡奇的物化理论、马尔库塞单面人理论、弗洛姆的消费异化理论等。以西方马克思主义消费异化理论来分析当代大学生的消费现状,发现部分大学生中存在炫耀性>符号消费<、冲动性>盲目消费<、攀比性>面子消费<等问题。应从以下几方面着手助推大学生理性消费:(一)营造社会的理性消费环境;(二)加强校园的理性消费教育;(三)强化家庭的理性消费习惯;(四)引导个人的理性消费观念。
  • The theory of consumer alienation is a systematic theory of western Marxist scholars, which is based on Marx's theory of alienation and commodity fetishism of, and is a profound analysis of the phenomenon of consumer alienation in the light of the current social situation. These theories of consumer alienation include Lukács' theory of reification, Marcuse's theory of one-dimensional man, and Fromm's theory of consumer alienation. Analyzing the current situation of consumption among contemporary college students with the Western Marxist theory of consumption alienation, we find that some college students have problems such as conspicuous >symbolic consumption<, impulsive >blind consumption< and comparison >face consumption<. The following aspects should be taken into account to promote rational consumption among college students: (1) to create a rational consumption environment in society; (2) to strengthen rational consumption education on campus; (3) to strengthen rational consumption habits in families; (4) to guide rational consumption concepts of individuals. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 9/2021]

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Author:Yanpu Sun
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Western [西部学刊], No 10 (2021), pp.:32-35.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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