Analysis of the >Art of Love< in >Phantom Thread< from the Perspective of Diet [从饮食角度解析《魅影缝匠》中>爱的艺术<] [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 电影《魅影缝匠》曾获第90届奥斯卡金像奖六项提名,却是一部冷门经典。借助饮食解决爱的困境有点匪夷所思,但撬开这光怪陆离的外壳,理解和包容才是维护爱情的内核。从艾里希·弗洛姆《爱的艺术》相关理论来看,女主角通过对婚姻现实批判性地思考,积极地给予并客观而理智地认识>我<与>我们<,来践行爱的艺术。影片的思想内涵对在现代社会崇尚个性彰显的大背景下解决情感困境,有一定启迪作用。
  • The movie >Phantom Thread< was nominated for six awards at the 90th Academy Awards, but it is a cold classic. The dietary solution to the dilemma of love is a bit unimaginable, but it is the understanding and tolerance that is the core of maintaining love. From the theory of Erich Fromm's >The Art of Loving<, the heroine practices the art of love by thinking critically about the reality of marriage, actively giving and knowing the >I< and >we< objectively and rationally. The ideological connotation of the film is enlightening for solving emotional dilemmas in the context of modern society, where individuality is valued. [Translation: English translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 9/2021]

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Author:Ning Sha
Parent Title (Chinese):Prose Hundred (Theory) (理论) [散文百家], No. 8 (2021), pp. 9-10.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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