Rupture and Bridging: >Silver Haired Digital Divide< and the Construction of Humanistic Ethics [断裂与弥合:>银发数字鸿沟<与人本主义伦理建构]

  • 快速发展的数字技术为人们的日常生活提供了充分的便利条件。但过快发展的数字技术也让老年群体沦为技术的>囚徒<。为避免数字技术过快发展给老年群体带来的弊端,应回归弗洛姆人本主义伦理思想,不断弥合老年用户在网络世界中断裂的>鸿沟<。全社会都要充分尊重老年群体的数字权利,既要为其营造便捷的联网方式和友好的网络空间,也要利用丰富的网络资源满足他们的社交需求,提高其文娱消费质量,建立数字化养老生活服务系统。但最关键的是每个人都应发挥>爱<的力量,对老年人加强引导和陪伴,帮助老年群体在互联网环境下更好地融入数字生活。
  • Rapidly developing digital technologies have provided people with sufficient convenience in their daily lives. However, the rapid development of digital technology has also made the elderly people >prisoners< of technology. In order to avoid the disadvantages brought by the rapid development of digital technology to the elderly, we should return to Fromm's humanistic ethics and keep bridging the >gap< between the elderly users in the online world. The whole society should fully respect the digital rights of the elderly, not only to create a convenient way to connect and a friendly cyberspace for them, but also to use the rich network resources to meet their social needs, improve the quality of their cultural and recreational consumption, and establish a digital senior living service system. But the most crucial thing is that everyone should play the power of >love<, strengthen the guidance and companionship for the elderly, and help them better integrate into the digital life in the Internet environment. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 5/2021]

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Author:Haiming Liu, Xiaoqing Ma
Parent Title (Chinese):Journalism Lover [新闻爱好者,], No. 3 (2021), pp. 18-22.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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