Insight into the Inner World of the Working Class – On Fromm's Analysis of Authoritarian Character [洞察工人阶级的内心世界——论弗洛姆对权威主义性格的剖析]

  • 在法兰克福社会研究所成立早期,弗洛姆曾主持并展开过一项针对魏玛德国体力劳动者和白领工人的精神和心理状况的调查研究。这项调查将精神分析学的方法同马克思主义理论相结合,一方面旨在对当时工人运动中出现的问题作出回应,另一方面也探究了逐渐猖獗的纳粹主义同工人的思想性格之间的关系。在弗洛姆看来,在一部分工人阶级身上所表现出的权威主义性格,使得他们对左翼政党的理念的支持实际上并不足以支撑他们在紧要时刻诉诸革命行动,并且在一定程度上成为了他们转向依附国家社会主义意识形态的关键因素。这项研究中所使用的研究方法、弗洛姆将马克思主义同精神分析学说相结合的理论发展以及其基于经验数据对权威主义性格所展开的理论探讨,都具有重要而深远的意义。
  • In the early days of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research, Fromm conducted a study of the mental and psychological conditions of manual and white-collar workers in Weimar Germany. This study combined psychoanalytic methods with Marxist theory, aiming at responding to the problems of the workers' movement at that time on the one hand, and exploring the relationship between the growing Nazism and the ideological character of the workers on the other. In Fromm's view, the authoritarian character of a section of the working class made their support for the ideas of the left-wing parties insufficient to sustain them in revolutionary action in the nick of time, and was to some extent a key factor in their turning to the ideology of state socialism. The research methodology used in this study, the theoretical development of Fromm's combination of Marxism and psychoanalysis, and his theoretical discussion of authoritarian character based on empirical data are all important and far-reaching. [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 72021]

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Author:Shantong Guan
Parent Title (Chinese):Foreign Theoretical Trends [国外理论动态], No. 3 (2021), pp. 63-71.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2021
Release Date:2022/05/04
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