Deep Reflections on the Paradox of Modern People's Existence and Self-Alienation – On the Critical Thoughts of Alienation in Western Marxism and Eastern European Neo-Marxism [关于现代人生存悖论和自我异化的深层反思——论西方马克思主义和东欧新马克思主义的异化批判思想]

  • 马克思异化批判思想已成为20世纪人类历史和人类文明的一种自觉的自我批判意识,为众多当代理论家所关注和运用。其中西方马克思主义和东欧新马克思主义理论家最为突出,他们不仅系统阐述了马克思的异化思想,深刻揭示了现代社会的普遍异化,而且还特别彰显了自我异化批判的理论价值和现实意义。马尔库塞、弗洛姆等西方马克思主义理论家通过对异化的心理机制和性格结构的现实批判而对现代人的深层自我异化做了初步探索;彼得洛维奇、沙夫等东欧新马克思主义理论家则在自我异化的理论阐释和现代人生存悖论的现实批判两个基本层面对人的自我异化做了更为深入和全面的研究。这些探讨对于更加深刻揭示当代人类文明困境和人的生存的内在矛盾性,更加合理地推动社会发展具有重要的价值。
  • Marx's idea of the critique of alienation has become a conscious self-critical consciousness of human history and human civilization in the twentieth century, and has been paid attention to and applied by many contemporary theorists. Among them, Western Marxist and Eastern European neo-Marxist theorists are the most prominent. They have not only systematically expounded Marx's idea of alienation and profoundly revealed the universal alienation of modern society, but also particularly highlighted the theoretical value and practical significance of the critique of self-alienation. Western Marxist theorists such as Marcuse and Fromm have initially explored the deep self-alienation of modern man through their realistic critique of the psychological mechanism and character structure of alienation; while Eastern European neo-Marxist theorists such as Petrovic and Schaff have conducted a more in-depth and comprehensive study of the self-alienation of man at two basic levels: the theoretical interpretation of self-alienation and the realistic critique of the paradox of modern man's existence. These studies are of great value in revealing more profoundly the dilemma of contemporary human civilization and the inherent contradictions of human existence, and in promoting social development in a more rational manner. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Songshi Du
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Soochow University (Philosophy & Social Science Edition) [苏州大学学报(哲学社会科学版)], No. 2 (2020), pp. 9-15.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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