On the Predicaments and Salvation of Modern People in >Never Let Me Go< from Fromm's Humanistic Perspective [弗洛姆人本主义视角下《别让我走》中现代人的困境和救赎探析], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Ningxia University, Yinchuan, Ningxia Autonomous Region, China 2019 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 《别让我走》是2017年诺贝尔文学奖的获得者石黑一雄的第五部小说,讲述了克隆人从出生、上学、工作到>自愿<走向手术台献出生命的故事。小说本身是人类真实生活的寓言,克隆人可以说是生活在高科技时代现代人的化身。石黑一雄以克隆人的生活状态和群体命运作为隐喻,探寻了现代人的生存困境。本文采用埃里希·弗洛姆>人的异化<、>逃避自由机制<、>社会性格<和>社会无意识<等理论观点,分析了现代人生存困境的现象、原因,并且提出了积极面对困境之道,以期对人们重新认识自我价值、更好的应对生活中不可避免的困境提供一定的借鉴意义。首先,本文从两个层面指出了现代人的生存困境:现代人身体上被监视、被孤立;精神上异化、迷。其次,本文进一步分析了生存困境产生的原因,其中涉及异化和爱的缺失如何导致现代人的孤独与迷茫,>社会过滤器<如何筛选有益于社会稳定的思想因子进而使其成为>社会无意识<,以及>社会性格<如何代替个人做出有利于集体的决定。最后本文从社会和个人两方面提出可能的解决之道:一方面,现代人应该通过进行激烈的社会变革从而获取自治权和直接管理权,获得身体上的自由;另一方面通过爱的教育以及从事生产性的活动使得现代人重获精神上的自由。通过对《别让我走》中克隆群体悲剧的解析,本文探索了现代人物质和精神的双重困境,具有现实意义:帮助现代人正视科技大爆发所带来的问题,找到走出困境、获得精神上救赎的方法。
  • >Never Let Me Go< is the fifth novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature, which tells the story of clones from birth, school, work to >voluntarily< giving up their lives on the operating table. The novel itself is an allegory of real human life, and the clone can be said to be the embodiment of modern man living in the age of high technology. Kazuo Ishiguro uses the living condition and fate of clones as a metaphor to explore the predicament of modern human existence. This paper adopts Erich Fromm's theories of >human alienation<, >escape from freedom mechanisms<, >social character< and >social unconsciousness< to analyze the plight of modern man. The paper analyzes the phenomenon and causes of modern people's existential dilemmas, and proposes positive ways to face the dilemmas, in order to provide people with a certain reference to reconceptualize their self-worth and better cope with the inevitable dilemmas in life. Firstly, this paper points out the existential dilemma of modern people from two levels: modern people are physically watched and isolated, and spiritually alienated and lost. Secondly, the paper further analyzes the causes of the existential dilemma, including how alienation and the lack of love lead to the loneliness and confusion of modern people, how the >social filter< filters the factors of thought that are beneficial to social stability and thus make them >socially unconscious<, and how the >social character< is a part of the >social personality< and how >social character< replaces the individual in making decisions for the benefit of the collective. The paper concludes by suggesting possible solutions for both society and the individual: on the one hand, modern man should gain physical freedom through radical social change in order to obtain autonomy and direct management rights; on the other hand, modern man should regain spiritual freedom through education in love and productive activities. Through the analysis of the tragedy of the cloning group in >Never Let Me Go<, this paper explores the double dilemma of modern man's material and spirituality, which has practical significance: to help modern man face up to the problems brought about by the explosion of technology, and to find the way to get out of the dilemma and obtain spiritual salvation. . [Translation: www.DeepL/Translator, free version, 6/2021]

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Author:Xiofeng Dai
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Release Date:2022/05/04
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