Modern Man’s Predicament and Salvation – Thematic Research on >Mr. Sammler's Planet< [现代人的困境与救赎 – 《赛姆勒先生的行星》的主题研究], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Sichuan International Studies University, Chongqing, China 2019 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 索尔·贝娄是20世纪美国犹太裔作家,曾获得普利策奖、诺贝尔文学奖以及美国国家图书奖,被视为海明威与福克纳之后美国最著名的作家之一。贝娄作品运用独特的叙述手法表达对社会堕落的强烈批评,传达他对人类生存状态以及个体内心世界的深刻思考和人文关怀。《赛姆勒先生的行星》是贝娄的代表作之一,也是贝娄转折期的一部重要作品,1969年获美国国家图书奖。小说主人公赛姆勒先生在纽约三天生活的所见所闻所思再现了美国60年代社会的真实特征与状况。如同大多数现代人,赛姆勒先生与其他小说人物遭受了巨大的生存困境,但最终走出了困境。本文结合艾瑞克·弗洛姆的人本主义心理学与美国60年代的社会文化背景,探讨了现代社会里现代人的内在精神困境、外在生存困境以及实现救赎的途径,阐释了贝娄对现代人的人文关怀及其生存状态的严肃思考。本文主要由三部分组成:引言、主体、结论。引言部分主要介绍了索尔·贝娄及其作品,国内外《赛姆先生的行星》的研究状况以及本文的理论框架和结构安排。主体部分由三章组成。第一章分析了赛姆勒先生对异化与疏离的无奈、遭遇疯癫时的不安以及道德堕落时的焦虑,由此探讨了现代人的内在精神困境。第二章分析了赛姆勒先生所处的自然环境与社会环境、所遭遇的犯罪与暴力威胁以及人际关系异化与不和谐,由此探讨了现代人的外在生存困境。第三章分析了赛姆勒先生重获内心安抚与身份意识,给予青年一代爱与责任以及与喧嚣世界的和解,由此探讨了现代人的救赎之路。结论部分总结了本文的主要观点,即:作为现代人的代表,赛姆勒先生在遭遇内在心理困境与外在生存困境时努力寻找出路,最终走出困境,表明了现代人应该以积极与乐观的态度面对生活与未来,表达了贝娄对现代人及其生存境遇的人文关怀。
  • Saul Bellow, a Jewish American novelist who won the Pulitzer, the Nobel Prize for Literature and the National Book for Fiction in the 20th century, is regarded as one of the most renowned and significant writers of America after Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Bellow applies his unique narratives in his works to express his strong condemnation of social depravity and convey his profound thinking and humanistic concern about human living conditions and the individual inner world. Winning American National Book Award in 1969, >Mr. Sammler’s Planet< is one of the masterpieces of Bellow, and an important work during Bellow’s turning period. The protagonist, Mr. Sammler, experiences a three-day life in New York, which represents a real situation of American society in the 1960 s. Just like most of the modern people, Mr. Sammler and other characters in the novel suffer from serious predicament, but finally get out of it. Based on Erich Fromm’s humanistic psychology, this thesis explores modern man’s mental predicament and living dilemma as well as subjective salvation in modern society by combining American social and cultural context in the 1960 s to illustrate Bellow’s humanistic concern for modern man and his deep thinking about living conditions. The thesis consists of three parts: the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The introduction provides an introduction of Saul Bellow and his representative works, a literature review of >Mr. Sammler’s Planet< both at home and abroad, the theoretical basis and the layout of this thesis. The body is made of three chapters.– The first chapter explores modern man’s mental predicament by analyzing Mr. Sammler’s helplessness in the face of alienation and isolation, his agony of suffering from madness and his anxiety of experiencing moral bankruptcy.– The second chapter mainly discusses modern man’s living dilemma in social life by analyzing the natural and social environments in which Mr. Sammler lives, his experience of suffering the threat of crimes and violence as well as his experience of alienation and disharmony of interpersonal relations.– The third chapter examines modern man’s salvation by analyzing how Mr. Sammler regains inner consultation and identity consciousness, embraces the young generation with love and responsibility, and reconciles himself with the chaotic world.– The conclusion part summarizes the main points of this thesis, arguing that as a representative of modern people, Mr. Sammler makes his efforts to seek salvation and gets out of trouble when suffering from mental predicament and living dilemma to reveal that modern man should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude toward life and future, which shows Bellow’s humanistic solicitude for modern people and their living circumstances. [Author's translation]

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