Female Psychology under Consumption Alienation [消费异化下的女性心理]

  • 随着消费行为的日益普遍化,消费异化也随之诞生了。弗洛姆和鲍德里亚处在不同的社会中,对消费异化的表现形式从不同角度发表了见解。弗洛姆笔下的消费异化是基于人道主义视角的,而鲍德里亚将符号学引入消费异化思想中,认为人本身也成了一种消费品。以这样的理论为依托,当代社会在媒介力量的推动下,加速了消费异化的传播,尤其对女性的心理影响更为明显,主要表现为女性觉醒意识的麻痹、身份认同的危机以及在价值观塑造方面的迷惑。而解决这一问题的出路不光要求媒介注重传播内容的把控,女性更该有构建自身主体地位的意识,对消费异化问题有一定的警觉性,并树立正确的消费观。
  • With the increasing prevalence of consumer behavior comes the birth of consumer alienation. Fromm and Baudrillard were in different societies and expressed their views on the manifestations of consumer alienation from different perspectives. Whereas Fromm's alienation of consumption is based on a humanitarian perspective, Baudrillard introduces semiotics into the idea of consumer alienation, arguing that man himself has become a consumer good. Based on this theory, contemporary society, driven by the power of the media, has accelerated the spread of consumer alienation, which has had a more pronounced psychological impact on women in particular, mainly in the form of paralysis of women's consciousness, crisis of identity and confusion in the shaping of values. The solution to this problem is not only for the media to control the content of communication, but also for women to be aware of their own subject position, to be alert to the problem of consumer alienation, and to establish a correct view of consumption. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Jiali Cao
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Puyang Vocational and Technical College [濮阳职业技术学院学报], No. 5 (2020), pp. 38-41.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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