A Study of the Morbid Social Characters in Oates's Novels - >Wonderland<, >Them< and >The Gravedigger's Daughter< as Examples [欧茨小说中的病态社会性格研究 – 以《奇境》《他们》《掘墓人的女儿》为例], Master thesis, Comparative Literature and World Literature, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou, Gansu, China 2020 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 乔伊斯·卡罗尔·欧茨是美国著名女作家,她一生致力于文学创作和研究,其发表的小说曾一度在社会中引起了巨大的反响,她的小说作品大多扎根于美国现实社会,从基本的人性着手,深入至人物的内心世界,对人物的心理活动进行细腻的描写,从而对美国的社会现实中存在的问题进行揭示与批判,表达出欧茨对社会与人性的独特见解。本论文以弗洛姆的社会性格理论为支撑,通过分析欧茨作品中的人物性格特点,结合文本的社会背景和弗洛姆理论找出病态社会性格形成的深层次原因,最后寻求解决的途径。欧茨擅长描写人物的心理活动,以此展现出人物的性格特征。通过分析其小说,能够发现小说中人物的性格都存在着不健康的成分,盲目接受外界的声音而忽略自我内心的真实意志;采取剥削的手段向外界索取一切事物,成为剥削者或被剥削者;对于生活保守而消极。笔者从美国社会、家庭和个人三方面对这些病态社会性格的类型进行了详细分析,糟糕的社会环境、冷漠而疏离的家庭关系以及个人复杂的心理活动都是造成病态社会性格形成的原因。文学作品最终都要对个体进行一定的关怀,为了寻求幸福的途径,建构健康的性格类型,个人要利用自己的理性建立一个独立的人格,用一颗充满>爱<的心去对待身边的一切事物,而从社会层面来说,政治、经济、文化的改变不可或缺。欧茨通过不断的小说创作,旨在揭示出美国人的生存现状,不断地寻求实现独立人格和追求幸福的途径。
  • Joyce Carol Oates is a famous American writer, she devotes her whole life to literary creation and research, her published novels once caused a huge reaction in the society, most of her works of fiction are rooted in the American real society, starting from the basic human nature, deep into the inner world of the characters, exquisite portrayal of the psychological activities of the characters, so as to reveal the problems existing in the American social reality with This thesis is a critique of Oates's unique insights into society and human nature. This thesis, supported by Fromm's theory of social character, analyzes the character traits of the characters in Oates's works, and finds out the deep-rooted reasons for the formation of pathological social character by combining the social background of the texts and Fromm's theory. Oates is good at describing the psychological activities of the characters, and in this way, he reveals the character traits of the characters. Through analyzing his novels, it can be found that there are unhealthy elements in the characters' personalities in his novels. The author analyzes these pathological social traits in detail from three aspects: the American society, the family and the individual. In order to find the way to happiness and construct a healthy personality, an individual should establish an independent personality by using his own rationality, and treat everything around him with a heart full of >love<. Through his novels, Oates aims to reveal the realities of American life and to find ways to achieve independence and happiness. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Lixia Bian
Document Type:Dissertations
Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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