Holding a home together with love [共同用爱撑起一个家]

  • 20世纪七十年代心理学家弗洛姆就指出,父爱和母爱具有不同的特征,母爱对孩子而言是无条件的——不必过分争取,总能得到,而父爱确是有条件的——需要符合一定的条件才能得到。其实,无论是父爱还是母爱,幸福家庭的建设是全体家庭成员共同努力的结果,让我们用爱共同营造一个温暖幸福的家吧!
  • The psychologist Fromm pointed out in the 1970s that father's love and mother's love have different characteristics, in that mother's love is unconditional for the child - it can always be obtained without having to fight too much, whereas father's love is conditional - it requires certain conditions to be met. The father's love is conditional - it has to be met. In fact, whether it is fatherly or maternal love, the building of a happy family is the result of the joint efforts of all family members, so let's create a warm and happy home together with love! [Automatic translation]

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Author: Anonymus
Parent Title (Chinese):The Family Education of China [中华家教], No. Z2 (2020), pp. 10-11.
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Year of first Publication:2020
Release Date:2022/05/04
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