The Dialectical Thinking of Fromm: Reason, Faith, Doubt - Based on the >Rational Belief< of the Year of the Character Orientation [基于创发性性格取向的>理性信仰<——浅析弗洛姆对理性、信仰、怀疑的辩证思考]

  • 弗洛姆将信仰行为视为一个人回应生存问题的基本态度,由人们的性格结构所决定。在他看来,真正的理性与信仰之间是相辅相成、不可分割的关系。一方面,理性需要信仰,如果对自身认识能力和事物的可靠性缺乏信仰,就会陷入不可知论、相对主义与怀疑主义;另一方面,信仰也需要理性,不仅需要依靠理性的洞察力来筛选、鉴别信仰对象对整体的人和人类整体是否有益,也需要在践行信仰的过程中不断运用理性来获得思维与情感的自我平衡。在理性的统筹之下,怀疑与信仰之间也具有辩证的关系,理性怀疑(积极的怀疑)成了理性信仰之前提。因此,>理性信仰<不仅是可能的,而且是人的发展所必须的,它的基础正是性格结构中的创发性取向。
  • Fromm's behavior as a person of faith will respond to the survival of the basic attitude by the people's character structure is determined. In his view, between the real reason and faith are complementary and inseparable relationships. On the one hand, the need rational belief, if things on their own cognitive and reliability of lack of faith, will fall into agnosticism, relativism and skepticism; on the other hand, also need a rational belief, not only need to rely on rational insight to screen, identification of the object of faith on the overall usefulness of the whole human person, but also need to practice faith in the process of continuous use of reason to get emotional thinking and self-balancing. Under the rational co-ordination, but also it has the relationship between doubt and faith dialectical, rational doubt (positive suspect) became the premise of rational belief. Therefore, the >rational belief< is not only possible, but also necessary for human development, it is the basis of personality structure Year of sexual orientation. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Wen Zhou
Parent Title (Chinese):Zhejiang Social Sciences [浙江社会科学], No. 4 (2016), pp. 148-151.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2016/09/29
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