A Study of Alienation and Self-identification in >If We Dream Too Long< [《假如我们梦太久》中的异化与自我认同解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Guangxi University, Nanning, Guangxi, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 作为新加坡英语文学的先驱者之一,吴宝星非常关注新加坡后殖民社会中人的生存状态。他的第一部小说《假如我们梦太久》关注人类的异化和孤独,被认为是新加坡英语文学的第一部小说。该书描写了独立不久各式各样的新加坡人充满怀疑和不确定的生活。随着中国与东盟国家对话和交往的发展,国内已有学者关注新加坡文学,但是对新加坡英语文学的研究比较少,目前国内还没有学者对此书进行研究。笔者通过阅读发现《假如我们梦太久》中表现出来的异化主题。本文运用马克思、弗洛姆和存在主义者的异化理论,通过对小说中主人公光萌的异化分析,揭示了1965年新加坡独立后普通新加坡人的生存状态和社会现实,并为后来的研究者提供一个研究方向。异化是文学史上最早涉及的主题之一。二十世纪早期,现代主义运动极大的改变了西方文化对文学的理解,很多作家从不同角度探索人的异化现象,展现人内心的精神危机。本文从三方面解读《假如我们梦太久》这部小说中所表现的异化主题。首先,剖析主人公光萌异化的表现,这种人物的异化包含了自我异化、人际关系异化以及人与外部世界的异化。其次,分析主人公光萌异化的原因。个人内部因素与外部现实的综合作用导致了人的异化。最后,对人物在自我认同和消除异化所采取的办法提出建议。弗洛姆认为工作与爱是克服异化最有效的途径。通过采取行动与外部世界和解,负担起自己对家庭的责任,光萌开始努力追寻自我认同,找到生活的意义。通过进一步分析,本文发现吴宝星的作品中反映了20世纪60年代末新加坡的社会现实问题,如人际关系淡漠,人内心的孤独和精神危机等,这些问题令人深思。人的内心世界和人性在其作品中得到了充分的体现。吴侧重于描写新加坡普通人的生活,通过其独特的视角,表现对社会中那些边缘人和局外人的关注和同情。吴希望自己的作品能反映新加坡的独特现实,引起大家对现实和未来的思考和关注,共同创造一个更好的新加坡。
  • As one of the pioneers in Singapore literature in English, Goh Poh Seng cares considerably about people’s living state in post-colonial Singaporean society. His first novel >If We Dream Too Long< concerning individual’s alienation and isolation is regarded as the first Singaporean novel in English. It depicts various Singaporean lives which are full of doubt and uncertainty not long after its independence. With the development of conversation and exchange between China and ASEAN countries, there have already been scholars in China paying attention to Singapore literature, but due to the scarcity of the studies on Singapore literature in English, so far, there are still no critics who analyze the novel in China. - In reading the novel, the writer of this thesis recognizes the theme of alienation. Through the application of Marx, Fromm and Existentialists’ theories on alienation to the analysis of the alienation in the character Kwang Meng, the thesis exposes the living condition of ordinary Singaporeans and the social realities in Singapore after its independence in 1965, hence offering a new direction for the future researchers. Alienation is one of the most recurrently encountered themes in the literature history. In the early 20th century, the modernist movement greatly changed the way that literature was perceived in western culture. Many writers explore people’s alienation from different aspects and present various pictures of spiritual crisis in human psychology. - Through the help of the theory of alienation, the thesis interprets the theme of alienation in If We Dream Too Long from three aspects.– First of all, it examines the manifestations of the character Kwang Meng’s alienation, which include alienation from the self, from interpersonal relationship and from the outside world.– Moreover, it analyzes the causes of Kwang Meng’s alienation. The com-bination of the individual internal elements with the external realities contributes to the estrangement of the character.– Finally, it suggests the approaches for the character to deal with the alienation. Fromm believes that work and love are the most effective ways to overcome alienation. Through reconciling to the outside world and taking the responsibilities for his family, Kwang Meng begins his journey of self-identification and finally finds the meanings of life.– After further analysis, the present thesis purports that Goh’s work reflects the social realities of Singapore in the late1960s, such as interpersonal indifference, loneliness and spiritual crisis. All these are worth serious thinking. The inner world and the nature of human beings having been given full display in his work, Goh tends to write about the ordinary. Through his unique perspective, he shows his deep concern and sympathy to the marginal men and the outsiders in the society. By reflecting the specific reality of Singapore in his work, Goh aims to stimulate his fellow people to devote more thinking and concern to the contemporary and the future, hence creating a better Singapore state. [Author’s translation]

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