Values on Erich Fromm’s Theory of Alienation [埃里希•弗洛姆的异化价值观], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, CPC Zhejiang Provincial Party School, Hangzhou, Zheijiang, China 2014.

  • 埃里希•弗洛姆在充分吸收和借鉴马克思异化理论和卢卡奇的异化理论的基础上,从心理学的视角出发来开创了自己的异化理论,用来解读资本主义社会制度下人的各种境遇。埃里希•弗洛姆通过对资本主义现象的深刻剖析和激烈的批判,犀利的指出资本主义繁华和虚荣的背后是赤裸裸的精神贫瘠和心内的孤独,为了摆脱这种状况,人们出现了逃避自由的心理机制,所以弗洛姆倡导建立健全的社会,只有健全的社会才会有健全的人格,才是符合人性追求自由和发展的本性。他的观点开拓了异化的研究范畴,丰富了马克思和卢卡奇所提出的异化思想。本篇文章在搜集大量资料的基础上,从弗洛姆的时代背景和生活经历入手,分析提出异化理论的现实依据和理论根据。弗洛姆将异化的内容扩大到生活中的各个领域,并指出资本主义心理、社会性格、消费等方面是典型的异化现象,从主客体两方面来分析这种异化现象产生的原因,并且给出了克服异化的方法,通过>爱的艺术<、发挥主观能动性、轻占有重生存的主体改变,再加上经济、政治、文化方面的双管齐下,来消除所存在的异化给人们带来的扭曲和不利。尽管弗洛姆的异化理论存在着很多的不足,但是给我国建设社会主义核心价值观带来了很多的启发与借鉴。
  • Erich Fromm, while fully absorbs and draw lessons from Marx’s alienation theory and the theory on the basis of the alienation of Lukács, starting from the perspective of psychology to start his own theory of alienation, used to interpret the people of diversity under the capitalist social system circumstances. Erich Fromm, through profound analysis and the fierce criticism on the phenomenon of capitalism, sharply pointed out that behind of the capitalist prosperous and vanity is pure spirit and heart of loneliness, in order to get rid of this situation, people appeared to escape the psychological mechanism of freedom, so Fromm’s social advocate to establish and perfect, only a sound society will have a sound personality, is the pursuit of freedom and development of the nature of human nature. His ideas to develop the research category of alienation, enrich the alienation of Marx and Lukács proposed ideas. - This article on the basis of collecting a large number of data, from the era background and life experience of Fromm, is put forward according to the reality of realistic basis and theoretical basis. Fromm expands the content of the alienation into all areas of life, and points out that psychological, social character, consumption of capitalism is a typical phenomenon of alienation, from two aspects of subject and object to analyze the causes of the alienation phenomenon, and gives the ways to overcome the alienation, through >he art of love<, our subjective initiative, changes in the body of the light of heavy survival, coupled with economic, political, and cultural aspects, to eliminate the dissimilation of distortions and disadvantage. Although Fromm’s dissimilation theory there are many shortcomings, bringing to the construction of socialist in our country a lot of inspiration and reference. [Authors translation]

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Author:Yue Zhang
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