Research on Erich Fromm’s Theory of Aesthetics [弗洛姆美学思想研究], Master thesis, Literary Theory, Liaoning University, Shenyang, Liaoning, China [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 埃里希•弗洛姆,美籍德裔犹太人,20世纪享有盛誉的人本主义精神分析学家、哲学家和社会学家。弗洛姆一生致力于人类解放的伟大事业,对人的生存境况和前途命运表现出深切的关怀,为实现人类的自由幸福描绘出美好的蓝图。本论文试从文艺美学的角度,对弗洛姆的美学思想展开深入地探讨与研究。以弗洛姆对人之生存问题的审美关怀为基础,以他关于人之生存困境的症候分析、生存危机的原因剖析以及对人之自由的审美救赎这三个论题的探讨为结构框架,对其美学思想进行分析梳理,进而做一深入的研究阐释。具体而言,首先,阐述弗洛姆美学思想的理论来源。弗洛姆的思想综合了弗洛伊德与马克思的学说,将对人的精神分析与社会文化研究相结合,从而形成了自己独特的理论体系。然后,论述弗洛姆美学思想的主要内容。弗洛姆看到了现代工业社会造成了人在生活各个领域的全面异化,人彻底丧失了生存的自由,面临着严峻的生存危机。在深入剖析造成这一危机的人性根源和社会现实原因的基础之上,他提出了一条审美的解救之途,即通过爱、宗教和艺术的审美力量,解决人之生存的两歧矛盾,打破社会禁锢人的幻想锁链,重建人与自我、人与他人以及人与社会的和谐关系,重获人之自由。最后,探讨弗洛姆美学思想的现实启示及局限性。弗洛姆的美学思想在当代仍具有积极的启示和借鉴作用,但同时,由于他过分推崇爱的作用以及宗教和艺术的革命功能,而忽略了现实的革命实践,因此,这一审美的救赎带有浓重的乌托邦色彩,在现实中难以付诸实践,注定只能是一种美好的愿望与企盼。
  • Erich Fromm, German-American Jew, the famous humanistic psychoanalyst, philosopher and so-ciologist in 20th century. Fromm devoted all his life to the great cause of human liberation, he showed a deep concern for human’s living conditions and their future destiny, and drew a beautiful blueprint for their free and happy life in the future. This paper will have a deeply research on Fromm’s aesthetics from the perspective of literary aesthetics. The research based on his aesthetic concern for the situation of human’s existence, as the framework of three theses: what’s the performance of people’s existential plight, what the reason of this difficult position is, and how to regain freedom from aesthetics.– Specifically, first expound the theoretical sources of Fromm’s aesthetics. Fromm’s idea combined the theory of Marx and Freud, connected the psychoanalysis with the social and cultural research. On this basis, he formed his own theoretical system.– The next, discuss the main content of Fromm’s aesthetics. Fromm saw the modern industrial society has made the alienation of people in all areas of life, people completely lost their freedom, facing a severe crisis of survival. On the basis of the in-depth analysis of the humanity and the social reasons of this crisis, he proposed an aesthetic salvation, that is, using the aesthetic power of love, religion and art, to solve the contradiction of human’s existence, to break the fantastic chains, and to rebuild the harmonious relationship between man and himself, man and other peoples, or man and the society.– Finally, explore the realistic enlightenment and the limitations of Fromm’s aesthetics. Fromm’s aesthetics still has a positive inspiration and reference today, but at the same time, because he exaggerated the function of love, religion and art, while ignoring the revolutionary practice, so this aesthetic redemption is difficult to put into practice in the real world, and is bound to be a beautiful wish which cannot be achieved. [Author’s translation]

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