Inspiration from Fromm’s >Escape from Freedom< Thinking of Transition Period of China – The Freedom Dilemma [自由困境的超越——弗洛姆《逃避自由》的思想对转型期中国的启示]

  • 弗洛姆结合了弗洛伊德的精神分析学与马克思的历史唯物主义,揭示了现代人在面对自由时的矛盾心态,即人们孜孜不倦的追寻自由,同时又反复无常的逃避自由。弗洛姆重新解读和定义了自由的内涵,剖析了逃避自由的根源与机制,指出人获得真正自由和全面发展的途径是爱与创造性的工作。我国正处于三期叠一的社会转型过程中,在高速变化的经济形势、亟待调整的社会结构和不断积累的社会矛盾之下,民众的心理广泛存在着弗洛姆逃避自由的现象与机制。辩证的看待弗洛姆的学说,对公共管理者进一步认识当代的社会心理,解决发展中的冲突矛盾,构建和谐稳定的发展环境具有重要意义。
  • Fromm combines Freud's psychoanalysis and Marxist historical materialism, reveals in the face of modern freedom ambivalence that people tireless pursuit of freedom, but also capricious escape from freedom. Fromm re-interpretation and definition of free content, analyzes the causes and mechanisms of escape from freedom, it points the way people get truly free and full development of love and creative work. China is in the >three stacked one< process of social transformation, under the rapidly changing economic situation, the urgent need to adjust the social structure and social conflicts continue to accumulate, people's psychological widespread phenomenon of Fromm's Escape from Freedom and mechanism. Dialectical view of Fromm's theory of public managers a better understanding of contemporary social psychology, to resolve conflicts in the development of a harmonious and stable environment for the development of great significance. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Qing Zhan
Parent Title (Chinese):Business [商], No. 44 (2015), pp. 110-111.
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Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2016/09/29
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