Development Difficulties and Psychological Analysis to the Cock Wire Youth [>屌丝青年<的发展困境与心理分析]

  • 屌丝一词兴起于2012年雷霆三巨头吧对李毅吧的恶搞称谓,后来逐渐演变为处于中国社会底层、辛苦恣睢的青年人自我嘲讽的代称。以屌丝自称的青年试图通过屌丝这一标签使自己获得社会认同,通过>屌<的方式去引起别人的注意,用>屌<的策略去突围自身发展的困境。本文以弗洛姆的逃避自由观为理论背景,分析当前社会条件下屌丝青年的发展困境和心理机制,探索如何帮助屌丝青年走出放任自流的境况,重塑其作为>人<应有的价值与尊严,保护他们被严酷的社会撕裂得越来越脆弱的心灵.
  • The term of >cock wire< has risen from the spoof title given by Thunder Three Giants Bar to the Li- yi Bar in 2012,and later evolved into the self-mockery addressing for the hard tempered young people in the bottom of China society. The >cock wire< youth try to make their access to social identity through the label of >Cock wire<, get attention through the >cock< way and break through the plight of their own development with >cock< strategies. Taking Fromm’s escape freedom concept as a theoretical background, this paper makes analysis to the development difficulties and psychological mechanisms under current social conditions and explores on how to help the cock wire youth to get out of the drifting situation. It reshapes the value and dignity that a >person< should have and protects their increasingly fragile soul that ripped by the crucial society. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Guli Zhan
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Hubei Correspondence University [湖北函授大学学报], No. 22 (2015), pp. 80-81.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2016/09/29
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