Reflections on Fromm’s “Escape from Freedom” Thought [关于弗罗姆逃避自由思想的若干思考]

  • 弗洛姆通过分析>自由<对现代人具有双重含义,揭示了现代资本主义社会形成了>逃避自由<的机制,并进而区分了消极自由与积极自由,提出达到积极自由的真正的途径:通过自发性的爱与创造性的工作,将人和自然、、社会及自我在更高层次上的重新联系到一起,实现人的个性的全面发展。本文试图从弗洛姆关于自由的两重性,分析消极自由带来的不健康性格以及积极自由带来的人的全面发展,并进一步分析弗洛姆逃避自由思想的意义及缺陷。
  • Fromm by analyzing the >freedom< of modern man has a dual meaning, reveals the formation of a modern capitalist society mechanism >Escape from Freedom<, and thus the distinction between negative liberty and positive liberty, proposed to achieve positive free the real ways: through spontaneous love and creative work, the community and nature, and self reconnect at a higher level together to achieve the comprehensive development of the human personality. This paper attempts to Fromm duality of freedom, comprehensive analysis of the development of negative liberty unhealthy personality and positive liberty of persons, and further analysis of Fromm's Escape from Freedom of Thought and Meaning defects [Author’s translation]

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