On the Alienation of Modern Man [试论现代人的异化], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zheijiang, China 2009.

  • 随着马克思《1844年经济学哲学手稿》在1932年的公开发表,有关>异化<问题的讨论和探索在西方学界一直都没有停息。并且,借助于马克思之后的卢卡奇、霍克海默、弗洛姆、马尔库塞等人的研究,西方学界曾一度将对异化问题的研究推向了高潮。随着社会的发展,特别在紧跟西方步伐进行现代化建设的中国的今天,异化问题更加值得关注。一般而言,现代的>异化<已经深入到社会生活和个人日常生活的各个领域,我们无法逃离日常生活,就等于我们无法逃离>异化<本身。本文分别从经济、政治、社会关系、文化心理和生态环境等五个领域描述了异化现象。接着,分析了现代异化的原因是由市场化原则、科学技术的发展、启蒙理性的发展等原因导致。最后,为了克服异化,我们可以尝试通过将价值和艺术整合入科技之中、对社会进行>综合治疗<、中西文化的适当融合等途径。最终,建立一种提供>积极自由的生存状态<的社会,使个人成为自由自觉、全面发展的人。
  • With Marx’s >Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844< in 1932 published, the discussion and exploration about the >alienation< in the Western academia has not stopped. In addition, after the research of Lukács, Horkheimer, Fromm, and Marcuse etc., the Western academic put the study of the Alienation to a climax. As the social development, especially when the today’s China are keeping up the pace of the West to carry out the modernization. The alienation more cause for concern. Generally speaking, the modern >alienation< has been deep into all areas of the social life and the personal daily life. We cannot escape from >alienation< because we cannot escape from everyday life. - This article describes the phenomenon of alienation from five areas such as the economic, political, social relations, culture, psychological and ecological environment. It continues with an analysis of the causes of modern alienation from the principles of market-oriented, scientific and technological development, the development of the enlightenment rational reasons. Finally, in order to overcome alienation, we can try three ways, such as integrate the art and value into the science and technology; >comprehensive treatment< for society; appropriate to carry out the integration of Chinese and Western culture. Ultimately, we should establish a healthy society which can provide a free and positive life state. And make the individuals become unrestrained, conscious, all-round-development. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Xiaodan Xu
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Year of first Publication:2009
Release Date:2016/09/29
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