Value and Consumerism Paradigm: The Green Balancing Act between Reason and Alienation [消费主义价值与范式:从理性异化到绿色生态的跨越]

  • 从马克思关于异化理论的创立到弗洛姆关于消费异化理论的具体阐述,人类社会在不断前进的过程中,始终要处理人与自然、社会、人类自身等之间的关系。消费在资本主义物质繁荣的条件下成为了一种异化,人们忽视了消费带来的正确的价值享受,消费异化束缚着人们精神世界的解放。因此,跨越技术理性与工具理性的消费异化,树立绿色、生态、自然的消费主义价值和范式,解放束缚在物质上的人,让消费成为一种促进人、社会、自然相和谐的一种生态式平衡的行为。
  • Marx's theory of alienation from creation to consumption Fromm specific elaboration on the theory of alienation, human society in the process to continue moving forward, always to deal with the relationship between man and nature, society and human beings, etc. between. Consumption of material prosperity under capitalism has become a condition of alienation, people disregard the consumer's right to bring value to enjoy, consumption alienation bound people spiritual world liberation. Thus, across the technical rationality and instrumental rationality consumption alienation, establish a green, ecology, natural values and paradigm of consumerism, the liberation of people tied to the material, so that consumption has become a kind of eco-promote human, social, natural harmony formula balancing act. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Wei Xu
Parent Title (Chinese):Theoretic Observation [理论观察], No. 1 (2016), pp. 9-10.
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Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2016/09/29
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