Crippled Family, Morbid Life – Analysis of the Problem of Personality Disorders in Colleen McCullough’s Novels [残缺的家庭 病态的人生——考琳•麦卡洛小说中病态人格问题分析][application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 家庭是当前整个社会形态的基本单位,在意识形态的生产中起着举足轻重的作用。父母的关系及父母在家庭中的地位、分工为子女们家庭意识形态的形成提供了典型性模板。与此同时,父母之间的关系及其对子女的态度也直接影响着子女们人格的养成。澳大利亚当代著名女作家考琳•麦卡洛小说中的诸多家庭均处于残缺状态:母爱极端化、父爱畸形、子女们的人格普遍呈现出病态化特征,其作品中子女们人格的病态化过程与家庭的残缺不无关系
  • Family is the basic unit of the whole society. It plays an important role in the production of ideology. The relationship between parents and parents’ division of labor in the family is a typical template for the formation of family ideology to children. In Australia famous contemporary female writer Colleen Mc Cullough’s novels there are many families being in fragmentary state: extreme motherly love, fatherly deformity, children’s personality generally showing the pathological characteristics, and that all working in children personality morbid and family incomplete not unrelated. Paper uses Erich Fromm’s relevant argumentation about love to analyze the pain of tragic personality caused by incomplete families in Colleen Mc Cullough’s novels deeply. Paper explores the social enlightenment e of literature, promotes the progress of human civilization, and leads to contemporary people to think. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Mei Xu
Parent Title (Chinese):Journal of Hubei University of Economics [湖北经济学院学报], No. 2 (2016), pp. 118-125.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2016/09/29
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