Living under the Net – An Analysis of Intellectuals’ Alienation in >Small World< [蛛网下的生存状态 -《小世界》中知识分子的异化分析], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Ludong University, Yantei, Shandong, China 2013.[application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 戴维•洛奇所著的《小世界》是他的校园小说代表作,一经出版就引发了文学评论界的热切关注,国内外文学评论家们从多种角度对其进行了研究,已经取得了不少可喜的成果。本文拟在现有研究的基础上,以《小世界》为研究对象,运用异化理论和知识分子理论,采用理论阐释与文本分析相结合的方法,对小说所描摹的当代知识分子存在状态进行分析,目的是深层解读洛奇通过对知识分子异化现象的揭示赋予该小说主题思想的社会批判意义。异化理论为文学文本批评提供了新的视角。在弗洛姆看来,现代社会中人的异化不可避免,人与自身、人与他人的关系都被异化了。作为现代社会的一员,知识分子也难逃被异化的命运。与此同时,知识分子理论也被广泛用于文学文本的分析。该理论以其对真正知识分子的定义为揭示当代知识分子的价值观形成参照。因此,本研究首先基于以下假设:《小世界》中知识分子的异化现象在当代社会具有普遍性;现今知识分子已经丧失了他们的祖辈所建立的高尚价值观,因此与真正的自我形成了异化关系。以上述假设为出发点,本研究通过对《小世界》中的知识分子与真正知识分子的异化、与自己和与他人异化的研究得出以下结论:在现代社会中,由于社会发展的影响和受制于知识分子圈的种种规则,知识分子摒弃了他们本该恪守的高尚价值观,内心为物欲所辖制,于不自觉中把自己归于市场上的>物品<,不仅异化了自我,也演绎了一个可用于消费主义视角分析的文学主题。本文的研究结果将有助于提高批评家与读者对《小世界》所揭露的异化现象的认识,使他们将该小说与当代社会的知识分子现状进行类比。和洛奇以知识分子异化主题的表现赋予小说的现实主义倾向一样,本研究的社会意义也由此可见一斑。
  • >Small World<, a representative campus novel written by David Lodge, has received great attention from literary critics since its publication. Critics from both abroad or at homemade studies of the novel from different perspectives and have made considerable achievements. On the basis of achieved studies, this thesis takes Small World as the object of study, trying to analyze the state of intellectuals’ alienation depicted in this novel in light of alienation theory and the theory of intellectuals by adopting the method of theoretical explication and textual analysis, in order that a more thorough understanding can be gained of Lodge’s thematic orientation in this novel with much social critical significance attached to his manifestation of the intellectuals’ alienation. The alienation theory provides a new perspective for criticism of literary works. In Fromm’s opinion, man’s alienation is inevitable in modern society. Man is alienated from himself as well as from other people. As one component part of modern society, intellectuals can’t escape from the fate of being alienated. Meanwhile, the intellectual theory which is used in the analysis of literary texts shed much light on revealing contemporary intellectuals’ values in contrast to the definition of what a true intellectual should be like. Accordingly, this thesis is first based on the following hypotheses: the phenomenon of intellectuals’ alienation as is depicted in Small World is analogous lyprevalent in contemporary society; present-day intellectuals abandon the noble values their forefathers established and are in an alienated relationship with their true selves. - With reference to the above hypotheses and the study of alienation from true intellectuals, alienation from oneself and alienation from others in Small World, this thesis tries to bring out the following conclusion: intellectuals are restricted by the society and the academic circle in the modern world; they abandon the noble values that they should have held on to and are filled with desires that actually alienate them from their true selves. Without knowing it, they relegate themselves into >objects< in the market, alienating them and expecting a subject worthy to be further studied from the perspective of consumerism. The result of this study may help to enhance critics’ and readers’ awareness of the phenomenon of alienation as is raised in Small World and set them making analogy to the intellectual conditions of contemporary society. This, together with the realistic orientation Lodge tries to undertake with the theme of alienation in this novel, brings to light the significance of this study. [Author’s translation]

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