Ecological Ethics Study Based on Fromm’s Humanism [基于弗洛姆人道主义思想的生态伦理研究], Master thesis, Ethics, Suzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, China 2014.

  • 在自然生态环境遭受严重破坏的背景下,20世纪中叶,西方生态伦理学应运而生。把道德关怀从人类社会延伸到非人类的自然界,这无疑是一大历史进步,但仍然未从根本上解决人与自然关系的实质问题,凸显出西方生态伦理学的局限。人与自然的关系问题实质上是人自身的问题,本文赋予生态概念以新的内涵,新的>生态伦理<不仅仅涵盖了人与自然的关系,也涵盖了人与人以及人与自我的身心关系,其中心观点是人—生命中心论,核心问题是人的问题,新生态伦理分为三个层面:自然生态、社会生态和精神生态。基于弗洛姆人道主义伦理学,本文分析构成生态危机的成因,论证生态危机就是人性危机,进而提出回归人的本性,发挥正能量,实现人的生命的真正价值——生发、成长和创造
  • The western ecological ethics, appearing in respond to the fact that natural environment had been severely damaged in the middle of 20th century, is a great historical advance beyond any doubt, which extended moral concern from human society to the nature. And yet, with its limits, the western ecological ethics has not fundamentally resolved the problem of the relationship of man with nature, because the essence of the problem lies in man instead of nature. The dissertation proposes anew ecological theory, the man-life centered theory, involving the relationship of man with nature as well as the relationship between men and that of mind and body in a man, with the focus on the problems of man. Based on Fromm’s humanism, the man-life centered theory deals with natural ecology, social ecology and psychological ecology. By the theory, this dissertation analyzes the cause of the ecological crisis, and argues that the ecological crisis is the crisis of humanity, further, it appeals to returning to humanity, to realization of true value of man – generation and creation. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Yuan Wu
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