Discussion on Fromm’s Theory of Human Nature [浅析弗洛姆的人性理论], Master thesis, Marxist Theory, Southwest University of Political Science & Law, Yubei, Chongqing, China 2014.

  • 埃里希•弗洛姆是西方人性理论的代表者,他始终关注20世纪人的生存状况。他观察到现代经济条件下被异化了的人孤立无援的生存困境,在至高无上的权力制度和意识形态的压迫下,使人性发生了畸形的变化,精神也出现分裂的病态表现。弗洛姆的人性理论的核心就是阐述人的生存困境以及寻找一条使人走出这样困境的道路。弗洛姆批判资本主义异化的人以及异化的社会,使人认识到了自己的孤独、寂寞、恐惧与无助,认识到了自己正在这样的生活环境下不断地失去自我。因此,弗洛姆综合了弗洛伊德的精神分析学说和马克思的主义理论中的人性理论精髓,提出了自己独特性的见解,设想通过各种形式的改革,来纠正人的扭曲人格,构建健全的社会,进而使人能够实现自我,充分展现人性的本然状态,消除人的心理疾病。本文主要对弗洛姆的人性理论进行系统分析与阐述。全文主要是围绕人性、异化、自由、健全的社会这四个关键词展开的。第一章阐述了选题背景、意义和国内外学者对人性理论的研究现状;第二章指出弗洛姆的思想是在综合弗洛伊德和马克思人性理论的基础上形成的;第三章阐述了弗洛姆关于人的异化理论,总结资本主义条件下人的全面异化以及制度的异化。第四章阐述了弗洛姆通过经济、政治领域的改革,从而构建健全社会的完美构想。第五章是对弗洛姆人性理论的总体评价,包括弗洛姆人性理论的局限性和对现代社会的指导意义。
  • As the representative of western theories of human nature, Erich Fromm has been always concerned about the living condition of those people in the 20th century, which is also his main research subject. He has also found that many people are living in an isolated environment that has been alienated by the modern economy and also oppressed by the overwhelming power institution and ideology, leading to a distorted human nature and mental breakdown. The essence of Fromm’s theory of human nature is to illustrate the living dilemma facing many people as well as find a path leading to the redemption. What is more, Fromm has also criticized the distorted human nature and society in the middle of capitalism so as to make them aware of their loneliness, fear and desperation as well as the loss of the self in such a living environment. By combining the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud with the essential theory of human nature in Marxism, Fromm has also managed to propose his own idea and even sought to carry out a variety of reforms so as to correct the distorted human nature, establish a complete society and achieve the status of natural self free from mental illness. - This paper has aimed to analyze and illustrate the theory of human nature proposed by Fromm in a systematic manner. The key words of the paper include the human nature, alienation, freedom and completeness.– The first chapter will focus on the background, meaning and current situation of research upon human nature both at home and abroad.– The second chapter has pointed out that the idea of Fromm is based on the theories of human nature by Freud and Marx.– The third chapter is concerned with the theory of Fromm about the distorted human as well as the complete alienation of people and institution in the capitalism.– The fourth chapter concerns itself with the reform in the field of politics and economy proposed by Fromm so as to achieve the goal of establishing a complete society.– The fifth chapter is an overall evaluation on Fromm’s theory of human nature, including its limitation and reference value to the modern society. [Author’s translation]

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