The Study on Fromm’s Care Education Theory [弗洛姆关爱教育思想研究].

  • 关爱,是人们日常生活中到处可见的现象,是人们印象最深的体验之一,它同希望、信念等构成了人的生存意义的主干。当人们在追求人生理想的时候,关爱作为一种不可缺少的力量,给予了人们支持和帮助。二十世纪西方著名的美国社会学家、哲学家、精神分析学家埃里希•弗洛姆(Erich Fromm,1900-1980),通过对西方资本主义社会的矛盾与危机的分析,并在继承和发展马克思伦理学说、弗洛伊德伦理学说、法兰克福社会批判理论等思想的基础上,形成了独具特色的关爱教育思想。弗洛姆认为关爱作为人的一种积极主动的活动,是人的内在创造力的一种表现。关爱是一种具有主动性和创造性的能力,而不是外在的对象;关爱建立在关心、理解、尊重和负责的基础之上,而不是一味的占有和奉献。弗洛姆通过对西方资本主义社会爱的瓦解和人的境遇进行了分析研究,拓宽了我们对关爱的认识。他认为关爱的内涵是给予而非索取,并将关爱视为人与人、人与社会、人与自然连结的纽带;强调了无论在关爱自己、关爱他人、关爱社会还是在关爱自然的过程中,都应该保持理性、坦然真诚;并试图通过实践建立一个理想的>健全的社会<。在当今生产力快速发展、科技日新月异、社会物质财富剧增的年代,人与人之间的关系变得越来越功利和俗化。人们常常感慨真爱难得、知音难求,并真切渴望得到爱、被关爱。因此,研究弗洛姆的关爱教育思想具有重要的理论和现实意义。本文主要从四个方面进行研究:一、弗洛姆关爱教育思想的产生及理论渊源,着重从弗洛姆的自身经历及其所生活的时代背景进行分析,讨论人道主义、马克思和弗洛伊德的伦理思想、法兰克福学派的社会批判理论对弗洛姆的影响。二、系统的论述弗洛姆关爱教育思想及其体系,分别从关爱的内容、关爱的特征、关爱教育的内容建构、关爱教育的基本要素等方面加以展开。三、全面的分析和阐述弗洛姆关爱教育的运行机制和基本特征,通过对关爱教育运行的必备素质、特殊要求、主要目标的论述,概括了弗洛姆关爱教育思想的基本特征。四、从现实的角度对弗洛姆关爱教育思想进行了评析,探讨了弗洛姆关爱教育思想在理论上的突破与局限,以及对当代我国的理论价值和现实意义。show moreshow less
  • Care, a phenomenon people see everywhere in daily life, one of the deepest impressive experience andCare, a phenomenon people see everywhere in daily life, one of the deepest impressive experience and the gentlest companion. It is with hope and faith etc. constitute the backbone of the meaning of existence. When people are in pursuit of their dreams, care, as an indispensable strength, give people support and help. The eminent American sociologist, philosopher and psychoanalyst Erich Fromm built a unique care education thought through the analysis of contradictions and crises of Western capitalist society and on the basis of inheriting and developing the thought of Marxism, Sigmund Freud’s ethnics and Frankfurt’s Critical theory. Care, Fromm thought it is a proactive human activity and a manifestation of people’s inherent creativity. Care is a kind of initiative and creative abilities, rather than external objects. Care is built on the basis of respect and responsibility, rather than possession and dedication. Through the analysis of love’s collapse and people’s situation of Western capitalist society, Fromm broadened our understanding of care. He believed that the mea-ning of care is giving rather than taking, and he also regarded care as a connection link of human and human, human and society, human and nature. He emphasized that caring for yourself, caring for others and caring society, or in the process of caring nature, we should remain rational, calm and sincere; and trying to establish an ideal sound society through practice. In the era of rapid develop-ment of productive forces, science and technology advances, and sharp increase in material wealth of society, the relationship between people become more utilitarian. People often sign that love rare, hard to find bosom friends and truly desire to get love, to be loved. Therefore, studying Fromm’s care education thought undoubtedly has a vital theoretical and practical significance. This paper mainly divided into4parts as follows: 1. First, we analyzed the generation and its theories origin of Fromm’s care education thought on the basis of his own life experiences and background. Then, we investigated the influence of humanitarian, ethical thought of Marx and Freud, and the social critical theory of Frankfurt school on Fromm. 2. In this part, we elaborated the ideology of Fromm’s care education thought systematically. It includes the substances, characteristics of care, the construction and essential elements of Fromm’s care education thought. 3. Next, we analyzed and elaborated the operation mechanism and the essential characteristics of Fromm’s care education thought comprehensively. Then, we summarized the essential characteristics of Fromm’s care education thought by taking a view of necessary quality, special requirements and main aims of the care education operation. 4. Finally, we assessed Fromm’s care education thought from practical standpoint, and explored the breakthroughs and limitations of the theory of Fromm’s care education thought, as well as the theoretical and practical significance. [Author’s translation]show moreshow less

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