On the Theme of Loneliness in >The Old Man and the Sea< [论《老人与海》的孤独主题], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Qingdao University, Qingdao, Shandong, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 厄内斯特•海明威是美国当代著名小说家,诺贝尔文学奖获得者。《老人与海》是他晚期的一部重要作品。《老人与海》一经发表,在美国立即引起轰动,在中国也一直受到外国文学研究者的关注,但对这部小说的孤独主题的研究却不多见。本文通过分析《老人与海》的孤独主题,探索走出孤独的出路。论文分六个部分,引言主要介绍厄内斯特•海明威及前人对《老人与海》的研究;第一章运用弗洛姆关于孤独的理论,探究海明威孤独的原因;第二章研究孤独在小说中的成因与具体体现;第三章分析作者表现孤独的艺术手法,作者运用意识流和象征手法表现孤独;第四章探究孤独的人文价值,鼓励人们积极地看待孤独,并在孤独中实现自我;最后论文的结语指出:海明威是一个孤独的作家,海明威式的孤独深藏于>硬汉<气概之下。孤独是整个人类而临的共同处境,因而对孤独的研究亦具有普遍意义。孤独的积极意义不可忽视。人们不需要一味逃避孤独,要学会静享孤独,在孤独中实现自我价值。
  • Ernest Hemingway, winner of Nobel Prize for literature, is a well-known contemporary American novelist. >The Old Man and the Sea< is an important work in his late writing career. As soon as it was published, it caused sensation in America and also attracted foreign literature researchers’ attention in China. However, very few researches have been done on the theme of loneliness in this novella. - This thesis explores how to cope with loneliness appropriately through the study of the theme of loneliness in The Old Man and the Sea. It includes six parts. Introduction briefly introduces Heming-way’s creation and the former studies on The Old Man and the Sea.– Chapter One expounds Fromm’s theory on loneliness and explores the reasons for Hemingway’s loneliness.– Chapter Two studies the causes of loneliness in the novella and how it is expressed.– Chapter Three analyses the artistic approaches employed by Hemingway to present loneliness – stream-of-consciousness and the use of symbols.– Chapter Four discusses humanistic values of loneliness and how people realize self value in loneliness by treating loneliness in a positive way.– Conclusion points out that Heming-way is a lonely writer, whose loneliness is heavily stamped with and under the cover of >code hero<. Loneliness is a common situation for the whole mankind and the study of it is of general significance, and that the positive sides of loneliness cannot be neglected and people need not escape from loneliness all the time, and that they can enjoy loneliness in peace and realize self-value in lonelyness. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Hongxin Wang
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