Interpretation of the Path of Humanity: Its Significance of Marxist Perspective – From the Methodological Flaws of Western Marxist Theory of Human Nature [人性论的解读路径:马克思的视角及其意义——从西方马克思主义人性论的方法论缺陷谈起]

  • 社会心理在人类历史发展的进程中起着至关重要的作用。弗洛姆结合了马克思和弗洛伊德的理论,找到了一种解读社会现象的新方法,并以此为指导,分析了法西斯主义的产生原因。本文将以弗洛姆的思路分析人类追求自由而在获得自由时又逃避自由的矛盾心理,并着重探讨心理安全感与社会稳定的关系,试图寻找一种实现>积极自由<之法。一、弗洛姆与社会心理人类作为同一种群,具有的相同的生物本能,因此在相同的社会环境中会产生相似的应激反应,这种反应就是>社
  • Social Psychology plays a vital role in the course of human development. Fromm’s combination of Marx and Freud finds a new method of interpretation of social phenomena, and serves as a guide to analyze the causes of fascism. This paper will analyze Fromm's ideas of human freedom and the pursuit of freedom in time and escape from freedom ambivalence, and focuses on the psychological sense of security and social stability of the relationship, trying to find a >positive freedom< of the law implementation. First, Fromm and psychosocial same population as human beings, have the same biological instinct, and therefore the same social environment produces a similar stress response, this response is, >club< [...]. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Boyi Wang
Parent Title (Chinese):Theoretical Investigation [理论探讨], No. 2 (2016), pp. 60-64.
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Year of first Publication:2016
Release Date:2016/09/29
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