Research on Erich Fromm’s Socialistic Ideology [洛姆社会主义思想研究], Master thesis, Basic Principles of Marxism, Northeastern University, Shenyang, Liaoning, China 2012.

  • 社会主义的研究一直是东西方马克思主义者研究的热点问题之一。本文以著名的西方马克思主义者弗洛姆的社会主义思想为研究对象,对其进行较为全面地、系统地阐释与分析。在立足于科学社会主义原则的基础上,将弗洛姆社会主义思想与马克思社会主义结合研究,旨在更好地把握马克思主义基本原理,理解现代的社会主义实践。本文在对弗洛姆文化经历及其社会主义思想来源梳理的基础上,比较深入地探讨弗洛姆社会主义思想的理论基石与方法论基础,分析弗洛姆对不能满足>预制<人性的现代资本主义社会>丰裕<异化的批判,考察弗洛姆憧憬社会主义社会的新图景。同时,对弗洛姆社会主义思想进行了辩证的评析。文章认为,弗洛姆社会主义思想的合理成分在于崇尚社会主义的向上精神,坚定社会主义彻底否定资本主义,倡导规约技术与健康消费的社会主义理念。弗洛姆社会主义思想的理论缺憾在于,以抽象人性论为出发点,片面理解社会主义的内涵,漠视通向实现未来社会途径的现实性。弗洛姆的社会主义思想仍未能跳出乌托邦的理性藩篱,属于现代空想社会主义,其实质就是人道主义的社会主义。对弗洛姆社会主义思想进行研究,可以进一步审视已有研究成果存在的某些分歧。在社会主义思想发展的背景下,积极推进对西方社会主义思想研究的深化,正确把握科学社会主义的思想真谛,对我国社会主义建设具有重要的理论价值和实践意义
  • The research on socialism is always one of the hot issues to the eastern and western Marxists. This thesis focuses on Fromm, the famous western Marxist’s socialistic ideology as the research object; makes a comprehensive and systematic analysis and interpretation on it. Based on the principle of scientific socialism, this thesis makes a combined research of Fromm’s socialistic ideology and Marxist socialism, aims to grasp the basic tenets of Marxism and understand modern socialistic practice. - On the basis of reviewing Fromm’s cultural experience and the socialist ideological source, this thesis discusses Fromm’s socialistic ideology’s theoretical foundation and methodological basis deeply; analyzes Fromm’s criticism on modern capitalism’s >affluent< alienation not meeting prefabricated human nature; investigates the new picture which Fromm looked forward to. At the same time, the thesis gives dialectical comments on Fromm’s socialistic ideology. It argues that, the reasonable components of Fromm is to advocate socialistic positive spirit, strengthen socialism and repudiate capitalism, initiate socialistic ideas of restricted technology and healthy consumption. But his theoretical failure lies in that his thought starts as an abstract theory of human nature, understands the connotation of socialism partially, disregard the reality of ways to reach the future society. Fromm’s socialistic ideology failed to be out of restriction of reason of Utopia; it also belongs to modern utopian socialism and its essence is the humanitarian socialism. - Doing research on Fromm’s socialistic ideology can examine differences of existing research further. Under the background of socialistic ideas’ development, promoting to western socialism thoughts’ deepening and grasping the essence of scientific socialism correctly has important theoretical and practical significance to Chinese socialist construction. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Baiwen Wang
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