On Distorted Love: Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Toni Morrison’s >Love< [论畸形的爱—托尼•莫里森《爱》的心理解读], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Central South University, Changsha, Hunan, China 2010 [Application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 美国黑人女作家托尼•莫里森一直以来都关怀、同情黑人妇女这一边缘群体,并关注黑人女性在充斥着父权制和种族歧视的社会中的命运。在其2003年发表的小说《爱》中,莫里森展示了历史、种族、性别等诸多因素作用下维系黑人民族的最基本的情感-爱,并以爱的扭曲与复原为主线探讨并指出:黑人家庭和社区中诸多矛盾的解决都需要爱的力量。本论文以心理学家弗洛姆和罗杰斯的理论为依据,探讨了畸形之爱产生的原因及解决的方法。首先,论文通过分析《爱》中畸形之爱的表现形式,如畸形的母女关系、黑人女性之间失败的友谊以及畸形的婚姻,展示了黑人女性的边缘化地位。在小说《爱》中,种族歧视和父权制使人与人的关系发生扭曲。爱的异化使深厚的母女感情和纯真的友谊演变为彼此间的敌对和仇恨,婚姻也在这种力量的催化下摇摇欲坠。其次,论文探讨《爱》中畸形之爱产生的原因。父母之爱缺失的转移、人性弱点的投射和父权种族主义的压抑共同产生作用,使原本美好的爱扭曲变形。最后,论文为黑人女性走出畸形之爱指明一条道路。罗杰斯认为人性本善,有自我实现的发展潜力;他创立的当事人中心疗法主张:要真心关怀当事人的感情,在真诚和谐的关系中启发当事人运用自我发展潜力促进...
  • African-American woman Toni Morrison has been concerning and sympathizing with black females’ marginalized position in the mainstream culture. She pays particular attention to the black women’s fate in the oppressive society with patriarchy and racialism. In >Love< published in 2003, Morrison focuses on love which functions as the emotional bond among African-Americans under the impact of history, race and sex. Meanwhile, the psychological thread of distortion and restoration is fully explored through the revelations of the distortion and the healings of love in black families and communities. - The present thesis, based on Fromm and Rogers’ humanistic psychology from the aspects of distorted love and its healings, aims to identify the way how the black females seek love under the despotism.– The first chapter of the thesis reveals the marginalization of black females through the analysis of the distorted relationships in two marriages, mother-daughter relationship and female friendship. In Love, the harmonious human relationship is distorted as the inevitable consequence of racial discrimination and patriarchy. The distorted love turns the once-intimate mother-daughter rela-tionship and the pure friendship into mutual hostility and enmity. And the marriage of black people is on the edge of collapse with the destructive power of distorted love.– Chapter Two of the thesis analyzes the causes of distorted love from the perspective of psychology. Transference, projection and repression are used to interpret the causes of all types of distorted love mentioned in the thesis – The last chapter of the thesis suggests essential solutions to cure the distorted love. Based on Carl R. Rogers’ person-centered therapy, this chapter discloses the outlet and the way how the joint efforts of the black individuals and the whole black community become the indispensable preconditions which can make it possible for black females to harvest a breakthrough from the aspects of unconditional positive regard and empathic understanding. From the above analysis, the thesis contends that, although distorted love is equipped with destructive power, love, as the symbol of black nation’s cohesion, can eventually be restored under the united efforts of black female individuals and black communities. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Jiezhi Wan
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