The Psychological Need to Build a Harmonious Society [心理需要与和谐社会的构建], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Heilongjiang University, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.

  • 本文以马克思关于>需要理论<和>社会和谐<思想在人的生存论上的一致性为基础,在哲学层面上提出和论证了以人的心理需要为核心构建和谐社会的思路。本文通过对心理需要理论的历史性梳理,折射心理需要与哲学本身所关注的人的解放、幸福密切相关。尤其在当代,关注人的心理需要,这是对人的存在的自我分裂和异化的克服和超越。哲学作为理论形态的人的存在的自我意识,自觉以人的方式关注和守望人的存在,这就决定了关注人的心理需要是理解哲学和构建和谐社会不可或缺的维度。以此为基础,本文从>需要理论<、>和谐<观念及>社会和谐<思想这一视角出发,对中西方思想史中关于心理需要的思想进行扬弃,特别是弗洛姆理论中的有关论点,以此论证了以人的心理需要为核心构建和谐社会的致思理路,进而深入探究了需要理论及其在建构和谐社会中的意义。
  • This article is based on Marx’s consistency about >need theory> and >social harmony< thinking on people’s survival theory. It also demonstrates the idea of building a harmonious society at the core of people’s psychological needs at philosophical level. By the historic destination of the psychological needs theory, this article refracts psychological needs closely relating people’s liberation and happiness which is concerned by philosophy. Especially in the contemporary, concerning the psychological needs, this is the overcoming and transcending to people’s existence of self-division and alienation. The philosophy, as a theoretical form of the existence of self-consciousness, consciously pays attention to the way of people’s existence: this has determined that concerning people’s psychological needs is the indispensable dimension to understand philosophy and building a harmonious society. On this basis, this paper is from the perspective of >needs theory<, >harmony concept< and >social harmony thinking<, extracting and abandoning the thinking of psychological needs in China and western’s thinking history, in particular Fromm’s theory of the argument, which argues the idea at the core of people’s psychological, needs to build a harmonious society, deeply explore the need theory in the construction of a harmonious society. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Xiumei Ru
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Year of first Publication:2007
Release Date:2016/09/29
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