Fromm’s Consumption Alienation Theory as an Inspiration for Students Lifestyle [弗洛姆消费异化理论对大学生生活方式的启

  • 弗洛姆消费异化理论认为,在当今时代,人们不仅在消费领域重消费不重创造、重物不重人,异化消费的交换动机还渗透到了人体验自己的方式上,并且入侵了人们闲暇时间的空闲生活。弗洛姆消费异化理论对认识当今大学生在消费心理、职业价值观、闲暇生活等方面所面临的问题有着独特的启示作用,有助于我们有针对性地解决大学生的困扰。
  • Fromm consumption alienation theory is that in the modern era, people not only in the consumer sector is not heavy heavy consumption creation weight than to men, consumption alienation exchange also motivated to penetrate into the human experience on their way, and It invaded the idle life of people leisure time. Fromm consumer awareness of the problem of alienation theory of college students today in terms of consumer psychology, professional values, leisure life face has a unique inspiration, help us to specifically address problems of College Students. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Haiyan Qiu
Parent Title (Chinese):Hubei Social Sciences [湖北社会科学], No. 11 (2015), pp. 190-193.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2016/09/29
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