On Fromm's Concept of Personal Liberty [论弗洛姆的个人主义自由观], Master thesis, Foreign Marxism Research, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 人类社会的历史就是不断争取自由解放的历史。个人的诞生、人类社会的出现使人们摆脱了传统的束缚,获得了自由的胜利,但是又因为对未来的不确定感和恐惧,将辛苦获取的自由拱手让出,依附于新的权威以获得心理上暂时的安全感,弗洛姆在分析这种心理形成机制的基础上,形成了关于现代人>逃避自由<的思想。在此之上,弗洛姆指出了人的真正自由之道即对积极自由的追求和自我的实现。弗洛姆明确提出自由是一种态度,是从对立的可能性中做出选择的能力,是成为自身的可能性,也是一个自我实现的机会,而这些观点与西方语境下的>个人主义<所要求的人的尊严、自主、隐私和自我发展是相一致的。个人主义强调个人的重要性,强调在社会面前保持自我,而弗洛姆的自由观就是将个人、个人发展以及个人的自我实现放在首位的自由观,即是提倡个人主义的自由观。且个人是自由的立足点,个人主义是自由的基础理论,没有个人之发展就无自由之发展。因此,弗洛姆的自由观是立足于个人的自由观,是建立在个人主义之上的自由观,是个人主义自由观。
  • The history of human society is constantly striving for freedom and liberation history. Individual and human society has made people get rid of the shackles of the traditional. However, people fear of the future, so they give up freedom. They cling to the new authority to obtain temporary psychological sense of security. Fromm set up the thought of escape from freedom on the analysis of this psychological. He pointed out that the real freedom is of positive freedom and the pursuit of self-realization. Fromm suggests that freedom is a kind of attitude, is the ability to choose from among the possibilities. It’s a self-fulfilling opportunity. These views of Fromm are consistent with the meaning of individualism. Individualism emphasizes the importance of the individual, and individual is the foundation of freedom; individualism is the basic theory of freedom. Fromm’s view of freedom is based on the individual’s view of freedom. Therefore, Fromm’s view of freedom is the freedom of individualism. [Author’s translation]

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