The Hope of Revolution – an Exploration of Fromm’s Theory on Liberation [革命的希望—弗洛姆的解放理论探析], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Henan University, Kaifeng, Henan, China 2014.

  • 埃里希•弗洛姆(Erich•Fromm,又译作艾里希•弗洛姆、埃里克•弗洛姆或艾瑞克•弗洛姆)作为法兰克福学派的主战将之一,其思想不仅在学派内部独具一格,即使在整个二十世纪的西方马克思主义阵营中也独具匠心,他毕生关注>孤立无援的现代人<,并未止步于对现代社会的批判而是穷究病态个人和病态社会的根由,更致力于健全社会和健全人格的重建,因其人道化社会主义的解放理论充满理想化和浪漫主义色彩而获得>人类梦想家<的称誉。弗洛姆以一个心理学家的敏锐捕捉到现代人物质丰富精神痛苦的现状,以一个社会学家和哲学家的研究精神对之追根究源揭示出现代工业社会对人的匿名操纵致使现代人处于异化状态,人格畸变,在此基础上以人性为标尺讨伐现代社会,将自身终生的心理分析师实践所得成果结合于自己理解的人本主义的马克思主义,推出其解放理论——包括社会改革和个人性格革命两方面。弗洛姆的解放理论虽然因在哲学基础上就背离了马克思主义,在解放路径上也摒弃了马克思主义的暴力革命只在资本主义内部进行改良而注定无法达到预期目的,但是他对人类命运的关怀、对人类前途的积极探索值得我们学习,其理论中的合理成分、改革中的一些原则和具体方法即使初衷在于改进资本主义也并非便与社会主义水火不容,甚至对我们建设社会主义具有参考价值。本文拟从四个部分进行论述:第一部分为弗洛姆生平掠影,从弗洛姆所处的大时代出发勾勒出他的个人经历和思想发展历程;第二部分为弗洛姆解放理论产生的语境,以时间域和场域为背景从弗洛姆的思想源头阐述其解放理论的形成与发展;第三部分为弗洛姆解放理论的具体内容;第四部分为对弗洛姆解放理论的评价。
  • Erich Fromm is a prominent member of Frankfurt School, his thought is not only unique within the school, but also shows originality in the whole camp of western Marxist camp in the 20th century. He paid attention to the >isolated modern people< through his life, and he dedicated to the critique of modern society and seek the reasons of sick individuals and society, moreover, he devoted himself to rebuild sane society and cure individuals, he’s famous as a >human dreamer< because of his ideal and romantic humanistic socialistic liberation theory. As a psychologist, Fromm captured modern people’s painful situation: material wealth, mental suffering; as a sociologist and philosopher, Fromm searched in the reasons and revealed the industrial society’s anonymous manipulations on persons that leads to alienation and the distortion of personality, on this basis, Fromm critiqued the modern capitalistic society, taking human nature as yardstick, at the same time, he put his achievements of lifelong psychological analyst practices into the theory of humanistic Marxism – by his own under-standing, put forward his liberation theory, which including two parts – social reform and revolution of personal character. Although Fromm’s theory of liberation is deviated from Marxism because its basis of philosophy, and his liberation path also dismissed Marxist violent revolution, only improving in the interior of capital society, doomed to fail to achieve its expectations, his concern for human destiny, the active exploration of the future of the mankind, the reasonable compounds of his theory, the principle and specific method also worth to study, even if his purpose is to improve the capitalism but it’s not against the socialism, perhaps, have a reference value to the construction of socialism. - This paper separated into four parts: the first part is the chief introduction of Fromm, in the time ground, trying to outline his personal experience and the thought development; the second part is the environment of Fromm’s liberation theory, stating its formation and development in its background of time and field; The third part is the specific content of the liberation theory; the fourth part is the evaluation of Fromm’s theory of liberation. [Author’s translation]

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