Study on Current Situation of Teacher-student Relationship in >China-Canada Joint Class< and the Strategies to Solve Relevant Problem Based on the Study of Humanistic Psychology [>中加班<师生关系现状及其对策的研究 – 基于人本主义心理学的研究], Master thesis, Education Management, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang, Guizhou, China 2014.

  • 人本主义心理学是行为主义学派和精神分析学派以外,心理学史上的第三思潮。人本主义心理学理论强调以人为本,充分肯定人的尊严和价值,积极倡导人的潜能的实现。近几年来,人本主义心理学受到了教育理论界的广泛关注,它倡导教育部门应当积极的在教育实践中大量运用人本主义心理学理论指导具体工作。中外办学是当前教育交流国际化趋势下的一种的办学形式,中外合作办学班级学生在家庭教育教养环境、入学后的学习目的、学习内容等方面与普遍全日制班级有所不同,因此,这部分学生在学生期望、态度、行为习惯、甚至个性等方面都有一定的特殊性。本研究旨在探讨在实践中运用>真诚一致<、>无条件的积极关注<、>同理心”等这些人本主义心理学思想,实现中外办学班师生关系的良性发展。全文将分为六个部分:第一部分将阐述研究的理论、研究问题与研究意义;第二部分将回顾国内外师生关系的相关研究;第三部分将分析阐述人本主义的内涵、理论渊源、产生的理论基础及社会根源,并详细阐述马斯洛、罗杰斯和弗洛姆,这三位极具代表的人本主义心理学家对教育过程中教师和学生的基本认识和观点,最后分析人本主义心理学思想对当前教育的启示。第四部分主要是阐述我校中外办学班学生的特点,并对我校中外办学班学生师生关系现状进行分析,包括问卷的调查过程和调查结果;第五部分将通过对问卷的结果归纳,得出我校中外办学班师生关系存在的问题并分析造成问题的原因是什么;最后一部分将根据人本主义的心理学基本理论提出解决问题的建议。本文仅是从人本主义心理学的角度对教师如何与学生建立良好的师生关系进行了初步的探讨,还有待进一步的发展和完善。
  • Humanistic Psychology is the third thought psychology which outside of behaviorism and psychoanalysis school history. Humanistic Psychology theory is an emphasis on people-oriented, full recognition of human dignity and worth, and an active promotion of the realization of human potential. In recent years, humanistic psychology has been widely concerned by educational theorists, it actively advocates for the education sector in educational practice extensive using the human humanistic psychology theory to guide specific tasks. Foreign school is a new of school under the current trend of international educational exchanges from full-time students in Foreign cooperative educational students in widely differ family education, class upbringing environment, after school learning objectives and learning content so these students have certain particularity in expectations, attitudes, habits, and even personality. - This paper aims to use >good faith agreement<, >unconditional positive attention<, >empathy< to put the humanistic psychology into practice and to achieve the positive development of teacher-student relationship in the foreign cooperative school. The text will be divided into six parts: The first part of this paper will explain the theoretical background and the significance of the issues raised.– The second part is the analysis of human connotation of the doctrine.– The third part is the analysis of theory origin, the theoretical basis, the resulting social roots, and the elaboration of Maslow Rogers and Fromm with their basic understandings and perspectives of the teachers and students in the educational process in their great humanistic psychology theory The final analysis is the revelation of personal humanistic psychological thoughts on the current education.– The fourth part mainly explains the characteristics of the foreign cooperation program in my school and analyzes the relationship between teachers and students in the foreign cooperation school, including the investigation process and findings of the questionnaire; the fifth part is the summary of the questioned results. - In order to make a conclusion of the reasons for the problems of teacher-student relationship; the last part is the suggestion and solution of problem according to the basic theory of humanistic psychology. This article is only a preliminary discussion of how to establish a good relationship between teachers and student from the perspective of humanistic psychology which is to be further developed and improved. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Lingjun Mao
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