On Social Development and End of Critical Theory [论社会批判理论的发展与终结]

  • 在法兰克福学派哲学家的眼中,随着当时以至于现代资本主义社会发展以合理性为根本,把科学技术作为表现形式的强大意识形态的有效控制,使整个社会现实生活实现了资本主义一体化。法兰克福学派代表人物众多,这里仅着重叙述霍克海默和阿多诺的主要理论以及简要概括阐述马尔库塞、弗洛姆的主要思想。
  • In the eyes of the Frankfurt School philosophers, along with the time that modern capitalist society to develop effective controls to rationality as a fundamental, science and technology as a powerful manifestation of ideology, society as a whole to achieve the real life capitalism integration. Many representatives of the Frankfurt School, described here focuses only on the main theory of Horkheimer and Adorno and Marcuse describes a brief summary, the main idea Fromm. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Pengxiang Liu
Parent Title (Chinese):Decision Forum – Symposium on Application of System Science in Engineering Decision, Beijing, November 21, 2014, in: [Proceedings] Decision Forum – Symposium on Application of System Science in Engineering Deci-sion, edited by Technology and Enterprise Editorial, Bejing (2015), p. 48.
Document Type:Articles
Year of first Publication:2015
Release Date:2016/09/29
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