An Analysis of Fromm’s >Healthy Personality< [弗洛姆健全人格思想探析], Master thesis, Ideological and Political Education, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China 2014.

  • 本论文主要研究当代美国著名哲学家、心理学家和社会学家埃里希•弗洛姆(Erich Fromm,1900-1980)关于人格的研究理论。人格理论是弗洛姆人学理论研究的重要一部分。>爱<是实现弗洛姆人学理论理想的重要途径,亦可以称之为他的理论重要支柱,他在著作《爱的艺术》中对>爱的理论<作了详尽地论述。本论文主要是在弗洛姆>爱<的理论语境下,以弗洛姆心理学和社会学相融合这一独特视角,对散见于弗洛姆不同著作中关于人格理论和思想进行挖掘、提炼并梳理,相对系统地对弗洛姆健全人格理论确定内涵和外延,以期从对>爱<这一理论地思考探索出通向健全人格之路。本论文在弗洛姆人道主义伦理思想的背景下展开弗洛姆健全人格理论三个组成部分即弗洛姆健全人格思想的成因背景、健全人格理论认识及塑造历程、健全人格的意义和价值为核心的系统研究。弗洛姆人格理论是在综合弗洛伊德学说与马克思学说基础上取得的重要成果之一,对现今人现实生活富足与精神世界虚无的矛盾状态下找寻伦理学向度的出路,在>爱<的理论这一捷径中,从爱自己到爱他人最终投向爱社会,彰显并肯定了弗洛姆健全人格理论对促进人地发展进步和幸福为宗旨的人道主义精神的价值坚守。我们可以清晰地明了健全人格与个人和社会的紧密联系,发现可资个人借鉴的精华和独特之处。虽然弗洛姆健全人格理论是基于资本主义社会背景中产生,但其独特的理论视角和理论个性对我国构建社会主义和谐社会有一定的启发意义
  • This thesis mainly studies the contemporary famous philosopher, psychologists and sociologists, Erich Fromm (Erich Fromm, 1900-1980) research on the personality theory. The personality theory is an important part of Fromm’s theory of human research. >Love< is the important way to realize Fromm’s theory of human ideal, also can call it important pillar, in his book >the art of love< to >the theory of love< as described in detail. This thesis mainly is in the context of Fromm’s theory of >love<, to Fromm the integration of psychology and sociology this unique angle of view, for referring to Fromm different writings about personality theory and thought of mining, refining and combing, relative system determine the connotation and denotation of Fromm’s healthy personality theory, in order to >love< from the theory of thinking to explore the path to a healthy personality. - This thesis under the background of Fromm’s humanistic ethics on Fromm’s sound personality theory three components of the Fromm the cause of formation of healthy personality thought background, knowledge and shape healthy personality theory, the meaning and value of healthy personality as the core of system research. Fromm’s theory of personality is based on the comprehensive theory of Freud and Marx’s theory of one of the important achievement, for nowadays people real life wealth and the spiritual world nothing contradictory condition look for outlet ethics angle, in the theory of >love< this shortcut, from love yourself to love others to love society, eventually reveal and affirmed the Fromm’s sound personality theory to promote the development and progress and happiness for the purpose of the value of the humanitarian spirit. We can clearly understand the healthy personality and personal and social ties, and found that the goodness of the personal reference and uniqueness. Although Fromm’s sound personality theory is based on the background of capitalist society, but its unique theory angle of view and the theory of personality of our country in building a harmonious socialist society has certain enlightening significance. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Yi Liang
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