The Face of Irresistible Love – >The Art of Loving< Pour out the True Meaning of Love [难以抗拒爱的容颜——《爱的艺术》倾吐爱的真谛]

  • 在西方,叫《爱的艺术》的有两本书,一本是由古罗马诗人奥维德所著。大家都知道,在古罗马,>艺<是指手艺、>术<是指技术,所以他的《爱的艺术》完全是讲的如何去泡妞,我发现这本书对我没有用,因为抛媚眼、摆Pose,对我来说太难了!另外一本是今天我要在这里向大家隆重推荐的——著名心理学家弗洛姆的《爱的艺术》。这是一本学术畅销书,学术著作能成为畅销书是十分少见的;在欧美诸国,它是高中生的必读书;在八九十年代的复旦校园,几乎人手一本。以下我想从亲情之爱与爱情之爱两个领域,与大家分享这本书给.
  • In the West, called >The Art of Loving< There are two books, one written by the Roman poet Ovid. As we all know, in ancient Rome, >art< refers to skills, >surgery< refers to technology, so his >Art of Love< is about how to complete because of who I found this book I did not use, because throwing flirtatious, put Pose, too difficult for me another one is here today, I want to recommend to you a grand! >The Art of Loving< famous psychologist Erich Fromm. This is a best-selling book academic, scholarly works to become the best-selling book is very rare; in European and American countries, it is required reading for high school students; Fudan campus in the eighties and nineties, almost everyone one. The following I want from love of family and love the two areas, and to share this book. [Automatic translation]

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Author:Zhimin Li
Parent Title (Chinese):Rural Development [老区建设], No. 17 (2015), pp. 60-62.
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