A Study of Alienation in >Humboldt’s Gift< [《洪堡的礼物》中的异化主题研究], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Qufu Normal University, Qufu and Rhizao, Shandong, China 2013 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 《洪堡的礼物》是美国犹太作家索尔•贝娄最杰出的代表作之一。贝娄是文学界继海明威、福克纳后最具魅力的人。小说自1975年问世以来,在国内外文学界引起了广泛的关注,并获得了1976年的普利策文学奖。同年贝娄因>对当代文化富于人性的理解和精妙的分析<获得了诺贝尔奖。通过对现代知识分子的描写,贝娄的作品深刻反映了当代美国知识分子的精神危机。在《洪堡的礼物》这部小说中,贝娄描写了诗人洪堡和传记作家兼剧作家西特林两位作家的不同命运,揭露了当代社会的文明破坏与精神危机。这部小说描写了19世纪60年代人们的异化与疏离,忠实地反映了现代人的困境、痛苦和挣扎。本文重点以《洪堡的礼物》为研究对象。研究者已经从多个角度对这部小说进行了分心,如小说的艺术特色、写作技巧、复调研究、叙事时间研究等等。国内已经有学者从异化的角度对贝娄的作品《赫索格》进行了分析,但是很少有学者从异化角度对《洪堡的礼物》做深入、全面的分析。本文采用马克思和弗洛姆的异化理论,尤其是文本分析的方法,详细地对小说中的异化主题进行分析,为读者提供了一个更加清晰彻底地理解贝娄作品主题的新视角,同时也是对《洪堡的礼物》研究的补充。本文包括六个章节。第一章是引言部分,对贝娄及其作品研究状况加以简要介绍,同时介绍了研究目的及论文框架。第二章总结了异化理论的起源及其发展,尤其是马克思和弗洛姆的异化理论,同时介绍了贝娄和异化主题的渊源。第三章主要从自我的异化、与外部世界的异化、人际关系的异化三个方面来分析小说中人物的异化。第四章讨论了引起主人公异化的原因。犹太身份、混乱喧嚣的社会、物质主的盛行,这些都是引起异化的主要原因。第五章讨论了小说中人物走出异化的途径——精神复苏。第六章为结论,总结全文,阐释了本研究的意义并指出存在的不足。通过对《洪堡的礼物》这部小说中异化主题的分析,揭示了美国知识分子的生活状况及精神危机,反映了贝娄一贯的对人类命运的关怀,同时本文希望能对中国的知识分子敲响警钟。本研究旨期望对《洪堡的礼物》的研究提供有力的补充
  • Humboldt’s Gift is one of the most outstanding masterpieces of Jewish-American writer Saul Bellow, who is the most charismatic person in literary circle after Hemingway and Faulkner. Humboldt’s Gift has been attracting much attention throughout the literati of America and other countries ever since its publication in 1975. Bellow was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for this novel the next year. In the same year, Bellow won the Nobel Prize for >the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary literature<. Through depicting modern intellectuals Bellow’s works profoundly reveal the spiritual crises of the contemporary American intellectuals. In Humboldt’s Gift, Bellow describes different fates of the two writers Von Humboldt Fleisher and Charlie Citrine. Through their different experiences, Bellow exposes the destruction of contemporary social civilization and spiritual crisis. This novel expresses people’s estrangement and alienation in the1960s, faithfully reflecting the plight, the pain and the struggle of the modern men. - This thesis puts emphasis on Humboldt’s Gift. Researchers have analyzed Humboldt’s Gift from different angles, such as the artistic features, writing techniques, polyphonic study, narrative time, etc. And there are already scholars in China analyzing Bellow’s Herzog from the perspective of alienation. But there are only few scholars in China do in-depth and comprehensive study about alienation in Humboldt’s Gift. This thesis adopts the approaches of alienation theory of Marx and Fromm, especially text analysis, to analyze the alienation theme in the novel in detail. It provides a new angle of view, which is obviously helpful to understanding the themes more clearly and thoroughly. Therefore it is a supplement to the research on Humboldt’s Gift. - This thesis is composed of six chapters.– Chapter One is an introduction. This chapter makes a brief introduction to Saul Bellow and his Humboldt’s Gift, and the literature review on them. In addition, this chapter contains the purpose and structure of this thesis.– Chapter Two summarizes the origin and development of the alienation theory, especially the alienation theory of Marx and Fromm. Besides, this chapter also shows the relationship between Bellow and alienation.– Chapter Three analyzes the two characters’ alienation of this novel from three aspects: alienation with the self, alienation from the outside world and alienated interpersonal relations.– Chapter Four discusses the causes of alienation. The Jewish identity of the characters, the chaotic and flash society and the prevalence of materialism are the main causes of alienation.– Chapter Five discusses the ways out for the characters’ alienation – spiritual recurrence.– Chapter Six is the conclusion. It summarizes the main idea of the thesis, pointing out its significance together with limitations. Through the analysis of alienation in the novel, the thesis exposes the living conditions of intellectuals and the spiritual crisis that Americans are facing. It shows Bellow’s consistent concern for human beings. At the same time, this thesis aims to ring alarm bells for Chinese intellectuals. The study is expected to make a powerful supplement to the research on Humboldt’s Gift. [Author’s translation]

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