A Thematic Analysis of >The Adventures of Augie March<: Spiritual Pursuits in Alienated Environment [《奥吉•马奇历险记》主题分析:异化环境中的精神追求], Master thesis, English Language and Literature, Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing, China 2015 [application of Fromm's theories to art].

  • 作为当代美国文坛中最主要的作家之一,索尔•贝娄的文学成就可与福克纳海明威齐名。他的作品不仅为我们呈现了丰富的社会内容,也体现了他深刻的哲学思辨。作为一个充满社会责任感和历史感的作家,贝娄给我们展现了社会与个人之间不可调和的矛盾。基于贝娄所拥有的敏锐观察力以及对当代文化与心理的精妙分析,他给我们阐述了个人存在与价值在在异化环境中遇到的种种困难。1976年,他以>对当代文化富于人性的理解和精妙的分析<获得诺贝尔文学奖。作为贝娄的代表作,《奥吉•马奇历险记》是其写作生涯的转折点。贝娄将他自己的写作风格融合于传统的流浪汉小说之中,使这部小说具有深远的意义。这部作品也是对当时的美国社会以及时代风貌的艺术再现。《奥吉•马奇历险记》描绘了主人公奥吉马奇从20年代到40年代的人生历程。从小时候起他便遭受了异化。为了摆脱他人的控制以及异化的环境,他踏上了形骸流浪的道路。正是由于异化才导致了奥吉流浪的生活。然而在他坎坷的人生道路之中,他从未放弃过自己。他任然坚持他自己的原则而最终回归自我。本论文以弗洛姆的异化理论作为理论依据,结合小说中主人公的人生历程,旨在探讨《奥吉•马奇历险记》的主题。论文主要从以下两方面进行分析,第一以弗洛姆异化理论中异化的表现为基础,从社会关系、生产过程、消费过程以及政治生活四方面来分析奥吉所遭受的异化。通过对该小说中异化的表现的分析来体现主人公异化的周遭环境。第二分析主人公自我回归的原因,正是他不断的精神追求以及对他原则的坚守,促成了他最后的回归。通过对小说的主题分析,我们不仅能更好地理解索尔贝娄所隐含的深远意义,而且能体会他对人类命运的人文关怀。
  • As one of the most important writers in contemporary American literary world, Saul Bellow’s, literary achievements can be paralleled with that of William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway. His works not only show us rich social contents of that time but also embody his profound philosophical speculation. As a writer with social responsibilities and sense of historical missions, Bellow profoundly showed us the irreconcilable contradictions between individuals and the society. Based on his keen observation and subtle analysis of culture and psychology of that time, Saul Bellow clarified numerous difficulties that personal dignity and values might face in alienated environment. Saul Bellow won the Nobel Prize in Literature >for the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture that are combined in his work< in 1976. >The Adventures of Augie March<, as his masterpiece, stands at the turning point of his writing career. Bellow blends his own Style with the traditional Picaresque Novel, thus this novel bears far-reaching significance. It is an artistic representation of American social status and features of that time. It shows us the protagonist Augie March’s life path from 1920 s to 1940 s. He encountered alienation from his childhood. To get rid of others’ domination and alienated environment, he set foot on physical wandering. It was because of alienation that impelled Augie’s wandering life. However, during his rugged path, he never gave up himself. He still adhered to his principles and finally restored himself. - Based on Eric Fromm’s Theory of alienation, combined with the life journey of the protagonist, this paper tries to analyze the theme of The Adventures of Augie March. It was analyzed from the following two aspects: first, based on Fromm’s alienation embodiment, alienation suffered by Augie was discussed from the aspects of alienation expressed in social relations, alienation expressed in the productive process, alienation expressed in the process of consumption and alienation expressed in political life. By analyzing the embodiment of alienation, the alienated surrounding environment of the protagonist was vividly reflected; Second, analyzing the reasons for Augie’s final self-restoration. Just because of his unceasing spiritual pursuits and adherence to his principles that contribute to his final restoration. By analyzing the theme of the novel we can not only better understand the far-reaching significance Saul Bellow implicated from another perspective but also feel his humanistic concern with the fate of humankind. [Author’s translation]

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