A Comparative Study of Consumer Alienation Theory Marcuse and Fromm [马尔库塞和弗洛姆消费异化理论比较研究], Philosophy, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China 2014.[application of Fromm's theories to art]

  • 消费是任何时代都存在的人类的一种基本活动,如今,消费已经成为人类赖以生存和发展的前提。我国正处于社会转型期,经济的快速增长和国民消费水平的不断提高,从消费观念到消费方式都发生了很大的变化,消费在满足人们所必须的物质需求的基础上还需要满足人们的精神需求,随之同时就出现了奢侈性消费和盲目性消费等消费异化现象。这些现象的存在不仅会带来一些社会问题,而且阻碍着人们消费质量的提高,还会严重制约经济的增长和整个社会的全面进步。因此,研究并解决消费异化现象问题就迫切地摆在人们面前。国内外许多学者从不同的角度对消费异化现象及其社会影响进行了深入研究,并提出了许多具有价值的观点,其中具有影响力的当推马尔库塞和弗洛姆的消费异化理论,考察唯物史观的创立发展过程,研究异化问题的产生和解决也是马克思考察社会发展问题的一种基本方法。本文立足于唯物史观的基本立场,比较分析了马尔库塞和弗洛姆消费异化理论的相同点和不同点,以及他们各自消费异化理论在社会发展中的影响作用,对我们寻找到解决消费异化问题的方法和途径、引导人们形成正确的消费观具有借鉴作用。通过对马尔库塞和弗洛姆消费异化理论的比较研究,可以看出马尔库塞的消费异化理论是建立在马克思的劳动异化理论的基础上,是对马克思人本主义理论的深刻延伸,是弗洛伊德主义的马克思主义;弗洛姆从社会制度入手,对消费异化的根源进行研究,他重视消费道德教育,提出根据各类人的消费心态和消费行为进行针对性的道德教育,对我们正确认识消费异化的根源,构建正确的消费观念具有重要的参考作用。本文认为在现代哲学的语境下,马尔库塞和弗洛姆的消费异化理论互相交融的可能性是很大的,通过对二者理论内涵和缺陷的分析研究,找出各自理论价值的合理性,从内容上相互补充和借鉴,试图创立符合现阶段我国国情的科学消费价值观,这对倡导人们树立正确的消费观、构建与社会经济发展相适应的消费模式、形成合理的消费行为、优化我国的消费结构具有重要的理论价值和现实意义。
  • Consumption is a basic human activity exists in any other era, and now, the consumer has become human survival and development of the premise. China is in a period of social transformation, rapid economic growth and increasing levels of national consumption, from consumer attitudes to consumption patterns have undergone great changes, not only to meet the material needs of the people of consumption necessary, but also to meet people spiritual needs, followed while there have been extravagant consumption and blindness consumption and other consumer alienation. The existence of these phenomena will not only bring about some social issues, but also more difficult to improve the quality of people’s consumption, but also seriously hampered economic growth and overall progress of society as a whole. - Therefore, the study of consumer alienation is an urgent problem for us. Many scholars from different angles on the consumer alienation and his in-depth study of the social impact of proposed many ideas have value, in which influential when pushed Marcuse and Fromm consumer alienation theory, study creation of Historical Materialism development, production and study of alienation is a basic method to solve the Marxist study of social development issues. This article is based on historical materialism of Marx’s basic position, comparative analysis of the same point Marcuse and Fromm consumption theory of alienation and differences, and their respective consumer alienation theory influence on social development and positive factors. By way of comparative study of both consumer theory of alienation, for us to identify consumer alienation problems and solutions, and guide people to form a correct view of consumption play a reference. This paper summarizes the positive factors comparative study Marcuse and Fromm consumer alienation theory has. - Marcuse’s theory of performance in response to the Marxist humanistic spirit, deepen and extend the critical spirit of Marxist theory, the establishment of a Freudian Marxists; Fromm’s theory includes the dimensions of the system carried out research on consumer alienation, a proper understanding of the essence of our capitalist society has important reference value, he’s spending on the construction of socialist ethics ethical consumption has important and prominent reference, from the moral point of view he start spending, consumer mentality for different people and consumer behavior, strengthen moral education, form a correct concept of consumption. - This paper argues that in the context of modem philosophy, Marcuse and Fromm consumer alienation theory has great possibilities blend, by analyzing their respective theoretical connotation and defect recognition of its value rationality content, learn from each other, integrate one, the creation of the scientific view of consumption in line with China’s national conditions, which advocates people to foster a correct view of consumption, building and socio-economic development to adapt consumption patterns, form a rational consumer behavior, and optimize China’s consumption structure and the formation of values and national health concept of happiness has played an important theoretical and practical significance. [Author’s translation]

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