A Comparative Study of Marx’s Alienation and Fromm’s Alienation [马克思与弗洛姆异化思想的比较研究], Master thesis, Marxist Philosophy, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing, China 2014.

  • 马克思和弗洛姆分别是19世纪和20世纪对异化问题有深入研究的哲学家。马克思置身于手工制造业为主要社会生产方式的时代背景,看到的是高强度劳作对工人体能的摧残,因此他关注是人的劳动异化,并以此作为其异化理论的切入点;而弗洛姆所处的时代是机器大工业生产时代,那时机器相对解放了人的双手,但人的精神却日益空洞和贫乏,因此弗洛姆关注的是人的心理异化,并以此作为其异化理论的切入点构建其异化体系。马克思和弗洛姆分别从不同视角对异化问题进行了研究,马克思倾向从历史实践的角度,对异化问题进行外在性考察;弗洛姆倾向从心理体验层面,对异化问题进行内在性反思。一个向外考察,一个向内反思,基本涵盖了人类生存所面临的两个主要层面,这可谓相辅相承,互为补充。因此,重新对两人思想进行比较研究是十分具有理论意义和现实价值的。本文通过比较马克思和弗洛姆异化思想的前提、切入点及内涵的异同,尝试从两人扬弃异化的途径中挖掘出对我国当代建设具有启示性价值的思想。
  • [Karl Marx who lived in the 19th century and Erich Fromm who lived in the20th century both were the great philosophers who had deep study of alienation. In Marx’s period, handicraft manufacturing was the main mode of social production. He found out that the high-intensity physical labor was devastat-ing the workers, so his main concern was alienation of human labor and he took it as starting point of interpretation for his alienation theory. Erich Fromm lived in the era of the20th century which is a modern industrial society. During that time, machinery industrial production is the main mode of production which relatively liberated the workers’ hands but the human spirit was becoming empty and poor. So his main concern was human psychological alienation and he took it as a breaking point to build the entire system of alienation theory.– Marx and Fromm took different perspectives on the issue of alienation. Marx tended to study the alienation from a perspective of historical practice and inspect the issue outside; Fromm tended to study the alienation from a psychological perspective and think about the issue inside. Both of their alienation theories cover the two main aspects that human existence is facing and mutually complementary. Therefore, the studies and comparisons based on the two alienation theories again have great theoretical significance and practical value. In this paper, by comparing the premise, starting points and connotations of their alienation theories, we try to find out some revelatory and valuable ideas for contemporary building in our country from the way they sublate the alienation. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Caihong Gao
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