Fromm's Theory of Human Alienation [弗洛姆人性异化理论研究], Master thesis, Foreign Marxism Research, Northwest University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China 2013.

  • 艾里克•弗洛姆(1890—1980)是当代美国著名的哲学家、社会学家和心理学家,他较早的把马克思主义与弗洛伊德的精神分析学说结合起来进行研究,因此被人们称为“弗洛伊德主义的马克思主义”的主要代表人物。他对资本主义从精神上压迫人的自由和人格现象进行了深入的研究和分析,提出了人性异化这一基本理论。弗洛姆的人性异化理论吸收了弗洛伊德的精神分析学说中关于人性的有关理论,并且借鉴了马克思对资本主义社会劳动异化现象的分析,对当今资本主义社会条件下人的生存矛盾、人性异化的原因及其表现、克服人性异化的途径做了较为深入的分析。与马克思的异化理论相比,弗洛姆的人性异化理论有很强的唯心主义倾向,并且克服人性异化的途径也是一种乌托邦式的空想,但是他对资本主义社会现状的批判和描述,以及对人性异化理论的深入分析。这一理论启示我们,在中国特色社会主义事业的建设过程中要深化对“以人为本”理念的认识、要注重个体的心理健康、要注重人与社会的和谐发展、要注重人与自然的和谐发展。
  • Erich Fromm (1890–1980) is a famous contemporary American philosopher, sociologists and psychologists, his early Marxism combined with Freud’s psychoanalysis, thus known as "Freud’s doctrine of Marxism" main representative. He from spiritual oppression of capitalist phenomenon of man’s freedom and personality makes a deep study and analysis of the basic human nature alienation theory is proposed.– Fromm’s human nature alienation theory absorbed the Freud’s psychoanalysis on the related theory of human nature, and draws on Marx’s analysis on the phenomenon of alienation of labor in capitalist society, the current conditions of human survival paradox in capitalist society, the cause of the alienation of human nature and its manifestations, to overcome the alienation of human nature’s way to do a thorough analysis. Compared with Marx’s alienation theory, Fromm’s theory of human nature alienation has a strong tendency of idealism, and overcome the alienation of human nature way is also a kind of utopian dream, but his criticism of the capitalist society status and description, and in-depth analysis to the theory of human nature alienation. This theory enlightens us that in the process of the construction of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics to deepen the understanding of "people-oriented" concept, should pay attention to individual’s mental health, should pay attention to the harmonious development of people and society, should pay attention to the harmonious develop¬ment of man and nature. [Author’s translation]

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Author:Nan Chang
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